Report to Hikers: week of June 24-June 30

Hello Hikers!

Wed June 26

Woods road walk — Bald Hill Road from Station Road to Michigan Hollow Road, Danby SF

Bit warm in the sun, but very nice in the shade — there was a lovely breeze blowing in our faces on the outbound leg, and birds singing away in the sun-dappled woods — very pretty morning!
There is just one spot on the whole walk where you can get a decent group shot on a bright sunny day — where we parked
Five hikers arrived too late to make the shoot
The group was in a pretty cheerful mood as we headed off down the road
The temperature had climbed to 79 at the thermometers around the county by 11, and the breeze was at our backs as we walked back, so it was a little bit of a slog — but bearable

Official head count: 24H, three D


Sat June 29

Roy H Park Preserve into Hammond Hill SF, Dryden

Official head count: 25H, one D


Sun June 30

Woodard Road southeast into upper Tremann SP on the CCC Trail and the FLT, Enfield

Official head count: 20H, seven D