Report to Hikers: week of July 8-July 14

Hello Hikers!

Wed July 10

Woods road walk through Danby SF — Curtis Road, South Danby

I managed to get everyone except one hiker
It can be tough to find a spot for photo-taking in summer where the light is not too harsh or too dark. I found some relatively clear light here, but it was a very small spot squeezed in at the edge of the road.
Before Curtis Road heads into the woods, it passes two lovely farms — I’d love to live here
Most of the walk is in the shade, though there are some areas of recent logging that are now opened up
Curtis Road ends at Fisher Settlement Road — it’s almost exactly an hour, and the perfect place to turn around
It was 82 by the time we got back to the cars, but it didn’t feel too bad — maybe it wasn’t that humid, or the road back wasn’t all that steep

Official head count: 16H, three D


Sat July 13

Shindagin Hollow SF — FLT east from Shindagin Hollow Road to South Road and beyond

I didn’t have time to take all the photos before the hike started, so I had to take this shot after we got back. The light on the road had changed drastically. I don’t care for this sun-and-shade effect — but if you have wrinkles or signs of aging, they can’t really be seen in this type of lighting.
There weere three additional hikers I wasn’t able to photograph.
Tiger said she snapped this shot because she liked the way Randy and I were mirroring each other with our postures.
As we hoped, there was almost no mud and it made a big difference — the walk is much better without it

Official head count: 18H, five D


Sun July 14

Danby SF loop trail — Comfort Road to Diane’s Crossing and back

This is what the meet-up spot looked like as the hikers were arriving — terrible conditions for photo-taking — but I managed to find a spot along the edge of Bald Hill Road where the light was OK, provided the hikers faced in precisely the right directioin
I didn’t work fast enough — had to skip four people
There was pretty much no mud on what can be a very muddy hike — but Bald Hill Road was very dry — this is dust raised by a car that passed.
We met three more hiking waiting for us at the entrance to the trail — no question of taking photos of them — we were in high gear by then
It was lovely in the woods, but too dark for the photos to work out
Beautiful morning — not hot

Official head count: 23H, seven D