Liz K wraps up this year’s cook-out

Greetings Friends,

What a spectacular day we had for the Hiker’s reunion picnic!  By all accounts, it was an overwhelming success.  The weather was perfect.  The chicken quarters were moist and flavorful.   The wait for grilled food was minimal.  A record number of people came (between 90-100!).  There were lots of great food on the dish-to-pass tables. And a good time was had by all.  THANK YOU.

A special shout out to Roger and Gunilla, Randy, Jack, Bud, Pat, Mary, Eckhart, and the very generous donor who wants to remain anonymous for all you guys did behind the scene.

Also a BIG thank you for everyone’s generous donation.  We have enough to pay for the website for the year, cash to give to Steven and Susan for the incidentals for other hiker related expenses ( for example sparkling wine at the New Year’s eve tailgate party)  and a nice gift certificate to REI so they can keep looking sharp while attending every hike.

Hope to see you on the trails, or around town,

Happy Hiking.

Liz Kyle


Liz and Gunilla, and Tiger’s back. I really love scenes with smoke that’s illuminated against a very dark background.

Liz always does a great job coordinating the food, and I don’t think anyone’s happier to have her handling it than Tiger and me. We used to do the food operation ourselves but Tiger hated it, and Liz felt I was heavy-handed and brusque. Liz really has a knack for this — she makes it seem effortless.