Report to Hikers: week of Aug 5-Aug 11

Hello Hikers!

Wed Aug 7

Woodard Road NW to Hines Road on the FLT, Enfield

The second part of the hike, beyond Hines Road, was totally overgrown and impassable, so we urned around.
We decided to make the walk into a loop by coming back on the road rather than retracing our steps through the woods
The roads here don’t seem particularly dramatic, but they have a wonderful country feeling that I think is really special. Very quiet and deserted.
Corner of Woodard Road and Stonehouse Road. I assume this is the house that gave the name to the road. Very beautiful and mysterious.

Official head count: 18H

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Jack V


Sat Aug 10

Rim trail along Shindagin gorge, upper Shindagin Hollow SF.

Nissed getting three people ….
Normally when we emerge from the woods we head down a narrow steep path to the stream at the bottom of the gorge — but the path was so overgrown most people didn’t want to go down — so we walked down Shindagin Hollow Road to the bottom instead
It’s a lovely walk and really just as satisfying as going down to the stream

Official head count: 20H, six D

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Sun Aug 11

Taughannock Falls SP, rim trail and gorge trail

It ws a gorgeous morning, the kind of day you’d expect the park to be jammed, but it actually wasn’t very crowded

Official head count: 21H, four D

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Jack V