Report to Hikers: week of Aug 26-Sept 1

Hello Hikers!

Tue Aug 27

Deputron Hollow Road and Olefski Road, East Danby

Deputron Hollow Road is worth a few words of appreciation. It runs through an undeveloped and heavily wooded area of east Danby between Route 96B and Coddington Road. There are a smattering of houses at the east end of the road; otherwise, it’s all in the woods. There was probably a reason it was constructed in the past, but it’s not possible to deduce the reason now. The road seems to go nowhere at its western end. I’m not complaining, because it’s a delightful woods road to walk on, especially on a dark cloudy day. There’s a deep gorge running along the south edge for much of its way, with a stretch of Six Mile Creek running in the bottom. The effect of the road dropping away before you and the heavy and somber tree massing in the gorge is really spectacular, and I get a big kick out of walking by. Definitely a strange little road, and a real pleasure.

Official head count: 16H, three D


Sat Sept 31

South Danby Road east to the Tamarack Lean-to on the FLT

I was doing a pretty good job of corralling the people to pose for me as they arrived — then we got a surge of hikers at the last minute and the group took off and I was left missing a number of people
Tiger’s very experienced at taking photos in the woods, but it was just too dark for her this time — she took tons of shots but this is the only one that came out
This is typical of what the other shots looked like

Official head count: 31H, five D

Get-together at Katharine’s


Sun Sept 1

Country roads and park trails at upper Treman SP

Official head count: 21H, two D

More photos:

Jack V