Report to Hikers: week of Sept 30-Oct 6

Hello Hikers!

Wed Oct 2

Flat Rock — area along Fall Creek, Forest Home

I decided to completely trust the weather forecasting services this time — they were predicting it would rain hard between 7 am and 9 am and then stop during hike time ….
…. they turned out to be 100% right — the rain stopped right on time and we had wonderfully atmospheric conditions for our hike, damp, dark and sultry
Everyone shown except one person (and me)

Official head count: 15H, one D


Sat Oct 5

Texas Hollow SF, Bennettsburg

It was too dark in the woods to get any photos beyond this one, which is pretty murky, but, I hope, interestingly atmospheric
The first part of the trail, from the parking lot to the big field, is horribly challenging. Rather than struggle with it any longer, we decided from now on, we’ll use Texas Hollow Road for a few minutes to reach an alternative entrance to the field

Official head count: 22H, eight D

More photos:


Jack V


Sun Oct 6

Willseyville Creek, Caroline

Official head count: 21H, seven D

More photos:

Jack V