Report to Hikers — week of Nov 4-Nov 10

Hello Hikers!

Wed Nov 6

Lands belonging to the YMCA, Coy Glen and EcoVillage, South Hill

The last time we did this hike we had to cut it short when a thunderstorm abruptly started rumbling nearby, and it started to rain hard. Couldn’t have been more different this time — a really beautiful morning
We came upon a small house on a grassy lane surrounded by overgrown fields and seemingly in the middle of nowhere. The owner spied us walking by and invited us to come into his front yard and admire his view to the east — very nice indeed

Official head count: 13H

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Jack V


Sat Nov 9

Shindagin Hollow SF — Shindagin Hollow Road to South Road and beyond on the FLT

I’m pretty sure this was the first time we’ve done this trail stretch with snow on the ground. Normally it doesn’t start to snow until hunting season is under way — by the time hunting ends in mid-December, Shindagin Hollow Road is iced in uuntil spring
In fact, even though this was the first real snow of the fall, and we came the next day, the access road was already a little icy in spots, and some of the hikers found the ride down the steep hill disconcerting
Our two regular dogs who ran away last weekend were well behaved this time — Diego, who is the instigator, spent the whole walk on the leash — Ruby generally doesn’t bolt on her own
Only a couple of the hikers wore foot tractioin — I was betting the trail didn’t have time to ice up yet

Official head count: 19H, two D


Sun Nov 10

Danby SF — Loop trail from Bald Hill Road to Diane’s Crossing and back

Last hike with us until next spring for our snowbirds Judith and Dick, in the lead here — they head south this week
Diane’s Crossing
Here’s the scene Leigh Ann was photographing — looking south over Michigan Creek
This is always a fun spot to stand around for a few minutes
At the Chestnut Lean-to — we’ll be having our popular hot dog cook-out here in late January

Official head count: 26H, eight D

More photos:

Jack V


Our regular hikers Randy and Nancy recently traveled in Spain and France and did some hiking in the Pyrenees — you can see their photo album here