Report to Hikers — week of Dec 23-Dec 29

Hello Hikers!

Wed Dec 25

Bald Hill Road and the Abbott Loop to The Pinnacles Look-out, Danby SF

The meet-up spot was in deep shade — I always try to get a shot showing the hikers waiting to get moving, but it was just too dark — the only other way I can think to come up with a photo depicting the meet-up is to pose everyone strategically so there’s enough light so you can see their faces
While I was wrapping up the mug shots, the group dashed off down the road, leaving me behind. Normally I like to get a shot of the group bursting into action, like the start of a race …. and they’re off and running …. the road was really icy this time and I wasn’t able to catch up with the front-runners and get out ahead of them — I had to shout at them a number of times to wait for me ….
…. and they’re off and running ….
This was the first appearance of a new hiking dog, Lizzy, left, an eight-pound habanese
Some of the hikers chose to remain on Bald Hill Road rather than climb up to The Pinnacles
the official way to do this hike is to climb up to the look-out from the north and keep going back down to Bald Hill Road on the Abbott Loop —
At that point we turn around and climb back up to the look-out in the reverse direction — it’s a bit tiring
The sun started to come out near the end —- pleasing light
Good workout and nice morning

Official head count: 18H, four D


Sat Dec 28

Layen Road to Bruce Hill Road and beyond on the FLT, Jersey Hill, Danby

Several of the hikers suddenly noticed they had ticks crawling up their pants

Official head count: 31H, four D

More photos:

Jack V


Sun Dec 29

South Danby Road east on the FLT to the Tamarack Lean-to, Danby SF

It was extremely dark as soon as we entered the woods, and I didn’t bother trying to take any photos — this is the first open area we come to, Travor Road, a narrow woods road. It starts and ends in the middle of nowhere but people clearly like to drive on it — it was completely iced in with a dense layer of ice caused by vehicles passing by
Tamarack Lean-to, our official turn-around point
I don’t think Luna the Dog wanted to get in the car and go back home.
It wasn’t supposed to start raining until maybe around 1 pm, but we hit a shower a few minutes after we started home

Official head count: 17H, four D