Report to Hikers — week of Oct 11 – Oct 17

Hello Hikers!

Wed Oct 13

Hike report by Jim. Photos by shesse/Tiger

Mundy Wildflower Preserve to Beebe Lake, Forest Home

12 hikers met for a hike from the Mundy Wildflower Gardens to Beebe Lake and beyond

Part of the wildflower Garden trails was closed due to tree hazards, so our actual time in the gardens was fairly minimal.

Soon we crossed Judd Falls Rd and passed through the Nevin Welcome Center grounds to Forest Home Drive.

After a quick visit to the Horseshoe Fall overlook loop, the group completed a loop of Beebe Lake.

Walking through Forest Home back to our cars the group found ourselves with a bit of time to kill, so we walked through the arboretum for a while before returning to the parking lot, completing another successful hike



Sat Oct 16

Hike report by Jim

Upper Buttermilk Falls SP from Yaple Road

9 hikers ( no dogs, a rarity, which several of us commented on )  met on Yaple Rd for a hike of the Upper Buttermilk Falls State Park trails.

3 additional hikers arrived a few minutes late but found the group on the loop trail around Treman Lake without too much difficulty.

It was a mostly rainy hike, but there were enough pauses in the downpour that it didn’t feel like it was a continuous and unrelenting rain.

Taking the FLT spur trail into the park, the group make a right turn at the loop trail and walked to the area of the stone bridge that crosses the stream at the head of Treman Lake. There the group found the bridge partially under water and impassible, but we managed to cross the water on some well-placed rocks.

Continuing on the loop trail the group climbed the long flights of wooden stairs towards the high ground above the lake; walking along the trail it was a good day for a woods walk despite the rain.

Reaching the turn to the spur trail to La Tourelle the group made its way to La Tourelle before re-tracing our steps to the stairs leading to the Treman Lake dam.

After crossing the dam, a few members of the group opted to cut their hike short and return to their cars early.

The remainder of the group walked to the Bear Trail and did a partial in-and-out of that trail, long enough to bring our hike to a full 2 hour duration.

Returning to the Upper Buttermilk parking area the group returned to the Loop Trail and made our way back to the FLT spur trail and our vehicles


Sun Oct 17

Hike report by Jim

Curtis Road south from Hill Road to Fisher Settlement Road, South Danby

18 hikers and 5 dogs met at the corner of Curtis and Hill Rds in the Town of Danby, for a walk of  Curtis Rd.

After the rains on Saturday, Sunday morning proved to be sunny with clear skies at 9:40 when the group started out.

Coming around the first curve of the road the group was met by the dog who often greets us from the first house on the road. Passing that residence, the hikers quickly warmed up with a pleasant sunlit walk along the fields.

Passing Karenville we were met by the miniature horse that always greets our hikers; he got a good amount of carrots before losing us to the continued hike.

The seasonal portion of Curtis Rd was mostly passable today. There were a few short stretches where the rains have eroded the shoulders, and a few muddy wallows that were easily skirted on foot.

The group made good time, and we reached Fischer Settlement Rd with time to spare, something that isn’t common on this particular hike.

A few minutes worth of hiking brought the group to our turn-around time.

The return trip, including another stop to hand out more carrots to the horse, was uneventful.

Welcome to new hiker Osama Sajid, who joined the group for the first time today