Report to Hikers — week of Jan 3 — Jan 9

Hello Hikers!

Wed Jan 5

Hike report by Jim

Bock Harvey Forest Preserve, Enfield

8 hikers and 2 dogs met in Enfield for a seasonably cool hike of the Bock-Harvey Preserve

The group only saw sunshine for around ten minutes of the hike, but it was still a beautiful morning to be in the woods.

Cayuga Trails sawyers were in the Preserve taking care of some blowdowns across trails; thanks to those persons for volunteering their time to make our hikes as good as they are!

There was a thin coat of snow on the ground, and in places the mud was not entirely frozen but of a firmer consistency where our feet were not being sucked down into a liquid quagmire.

Hikers made a quick ascent to the shelter from the parking area. From there it was a short walk to the FLT. The group made its way to Porter Hill Rd where we crossed into the Reiman Woods. We made a circuit of the trail there, returning to Porter Hill Rd without incident.

Returning to Bock-Harvey Preserve property we took the FLT Easterly to Rockwell Rd.

Dave Bock was with the group today and, as always when he is on a hike of the Preserve, his intimate knowledge of the property and its history made for an interesting hike.

Turning around at Rockwell Rd the group re-traced its steps to the yellow blazed trail and from there back to the parking lot.

Warm welcome to Jane and her canine companion Becca, on their first hike with the group!

Dave B photo


Sat Jan 7

Hike report by Nancy L

Texas Hollow SF, Schuyler County

12 people and 1 dog gathered at the finger lakes trail parking on Texas Hollow Road on a bright and sunny but chilly day for a hike heading east towards the ponds of Texas Hollow.  Our first stop was for a view of the large frozen and snow covered pond on the South side of the main trail.  Shortly after we turned onto the blue marked loop which is a pleasant hike  around  a smaller pond with several view points.   Trails were frozen but rarely slippery and so we didn’t need to avoid as many muddy spots.  After taking the blue loop we rejoined the main FLT continuing to head southeast.   Initially there are only slight ups and downs.  At one point we checked out an abandoned coyote den.   The trail started to go gradually and then steeply uphill.  Some groups of hikers made higher forays up the hillside than others.  On the way back we did the blue loop in the opposite direction to round out the two hours.  

Leigh Ann photo
Leigh Ann photo
Leigh Ann photo
Leigh Ann photo
Nancy L photo


Photos by Cian

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Sun Jan 8

Hike report by Jim

Monkey Run Natural Area, north side of Fall Creek

Nine hikers met for a hike of the Monkey Run trails near Hanshaw Rd

The previous night had seen icy rain fall across the Tompkins County area; by Sunday morning in the hours before the hike roads and cars were sheathed in a layer of ice.

Hikers set off on the red blazed trail system, but after the initial descent into the area along the stream and then the stairs climbing to the first set of bluffs it was decided that trail conditions were too hazardous to continue to hike the trail system. Instead, hikers followed the flat walking paths along the edges of the fields beyond the Cornell pavilion. Despite the winds whipping across the open fields, this was the safer alternative given trail conditions. Other than some frozen potholes of water found along the way and some minor ditch crossings these proved to be much safer than the trails within the forested areas.

Hikers continued along the fields until we reached the orange-blazed trails. These proved to be a safer, flatter hiking surface that gave hikers a good view of the creek flowing below the bluffs.

Hikers eventually turned around, and in the interest of saving time cut directly across the fields to reach the red blazed pavilion service road leading back to our cars.

Photo by Jim


Photos by Leigh Ann

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