Report To Hikers

Tuesday August 30th

Spruce Pond to Jones Hill, Tinker Falls area, Onondaga County

Hike cancelled due to weather.

Wednesday August 31st

Finger Lakes Trail from Connecticut Hill Rd

Hike report by Jim

Sixteen hikers and one dog met on Connecticut Hill Rd near Lloyd Stark Rd for an intended out and back hike of the FLT.

As Dave B was in the group for this hike that original plan changed, and I relied on Dave’s knowledge of the CT Hill area to craft a loop through the woods.

The group stayed on the FLT until nearing Boylan Rd, at which time Dave led the group along some interesting winding country trails through the woods.

The group arrived back at the cars at the allotted time, another enjoyable hike successfully completed.

Saturday September 3rd

Roy Park Preserve

Hike report by Jim

Sixteen hikers met for a hike of the more northerly Roy Park Preserve boardwalk and trail towards Hammond Hill State Forest

Two additional hikers and five dogs arrived later and joined the main group on the trail.

The group had to share the trail with many other families and individual dog walkers.

Weather conditions were perfect; sunny, warm, and with a slight breeze. Light cloud cover did little to block the sun or the view of the blue sky overhead.

The footpath was dry but I did notice that the trail had a good number of blowdowns blocking the trail compared to our past hikes here

The hike to Hammond Hill Rd went quicker than expected, in part due to the dry trail conditions I think.

The group entered the Hammond Hill State Forest from the parking lot at the dead end of Hammond Hil Rd,  intending to do  one of our routine out and back hikes on the  yellow and blue trails to burn up hiking time. At the last minute I opted to take the group down the access trail to Camp Earth Connections which is located on the seasonal portion of Hammond Hill Rd; we had only recently hiked the blue blazed trails, and the last several hikes we’ve done in Hammond Hill State Forest have all run over time by a significant length of time, so I was concerned with ending on time today.

Reaching the seasonal portion of Hammond Hill Rd we turned to the south and did a road walk until it was time to turn around and return to the trail back to the Roy Park Preserve

The group reached the Park Preserve several minutes early, and many in the group ended up standing around in conversation with other hikers.

All things considered, a good hike.

Photos by Jim and Leigh Ann

Photos by Cian

Photo Album by Cian

Sunday September 4th

Lindsay Parsons Preserve

Hike report by Jim

Welcome to Annie and Danielle for their first hike with the group.

Twenty one hikers and two dogs met for a very sunny and humid hike of the Lindsay Parsons Biodiversity Preserve property.

I’d scheduled this hike hoping that the goldenrod in the fields would be as of yet untouched; the larger fields turned out to be mowed, but the smaller Coleman Lake observation loop and some of the smaller fields along the hike route proved to be standing tall with goldenrod.

The group first completed the small lake observation loop at the south end of the parking lot, then quickly jumped onto the main blue yellow and red trails.

The sun was fairly intense as the group crossed the open fields, so I cut out as much of the field walking as I could to speed the group into the shade of the forest canopy. A quick photo by Coleman Lake and the group was on its way

Trail conditions were good, with dry footpath throughout the Preserve.

After crossing the railroad tracks the group splintered into around four subsets of hikers, with the lead elements completing the orange and purple loops and getting back to the cars before the other hiking subgroups.

Everyone came out of the trails safe and reported having a good hike.

After the hike many of the group reconvened at hiker Hanks house for an enjoyable afternoon of grilling and summer picnic fare.

Photos by Cian

Photo Album by Cian

Report from Spain

Hike report by Nancy Holzner

I walked the first segment of my Camino today, from Ourense to Cea. Just over 13.5 miles. I had the trail to myself almost the whole time. I saw four cyclists and one hiker. Galicia is green and hilly, reminds me a bit of Ithaca.

First hour today was like walking up Buffalo St for three miles!