Report To Hikers September 14th – September 18th

Wednesday September 14th

Black Diamond Trail from Kraft Rd

Report by Jim

On a somewhat overcast morning 14 hikers met on Kraft Rd for a southerly hike of the Black Diamond Trail. Finger Lakes Weather claimed that we would be rain-free until the afternoon, and in fact the weather improved throughout the hike.

The group set off and soon found ourselves sharing the trail with a considerable number of other trail users throughout our hike; a constant stream of bicyclists and runners were passing us throughout the morning.

Water was flowing in the streams we crossed over, and while the brush and trees along the sides of the trail blocked most views, there were still some enjoyable glimpses of countryside through breaks in the vegetation.

The group continued along the trail, quickly breaking up into a couple of distinct bubbles of hikers spread out over a good distance.

The group got as far as the bison farm before re-consolidating and resuming the hike back to our vehicles.

The return leg of the trip was marked by improving weather; the sun came out, and the skies turned blue with large white clouds. Otherwise the return leg of the hike was uneventful.

Welcome to Frankie and Jim on their first hike with the group!

Photo by Mary Jo

Saturday September 17th

Monkey Run north side

Report by Jim

For todays hike of the north side of Monkey Run we had a great day; somewhat cloudy in the morning, with the sun coming out mid-hike.

The group consisted of 25 hikers, including some later arrivals, and 2 dogs.

We shared the trail with a small combination of other day hikers, trail runners and dog walkers but had the bulk of the trail to ourselves.

There was a small amount of water in the smaller streams and trail conditions were dry.

The hike consisted mainly of a combination of red and orange blazed trails that kept us out of the sun for much of the hike duration. Thankfully the trail around the edges of the open fields proved to be mostly in the shadows of the near-by trees

Welcome to Teddy and Nines on their first hike with the group!

Photo by Jim

Photos by Leigh Ann

Album by Leigh Ann

Photos by Cian

Sunday September 18th

Shindagin Hollow Loop

Report by Jim

Thirteen hikers and two dogs met on the seasonal part of Shindagin Hollow Rd for a loop route stitched together from parts of several of our other regular hikes. An additional three hikers with another three dogs arrived late and ended up doing their own hike of the area trails.

The main group set out of the parking lot located about half way down the seasonal part of Shindagin Hollow Rd. We quickly jumped into the Jeep Trail, passing by the yellow metal gate and then onto an overgrown old logging road. This flatter route led us directly to the FLT, which we followed down the hill to a lower point on Shindagin Hollow Rd.

Reaching the seasonal road, the group turned north, by-passing the FLT as it continued towards the lean-to; the group hiked to Gulf Creek Rd to reach our next trail section.

It was only a short road walk on Gulf Creek Rd until the group reached green blazed bike trail #3 which travels north as it follows the streambed.

This trail again put the group under the forest canopy and away from the relentless sun.

The group walked to the opposite end of Trail G3, which brought us back to our parking area.

A couple of hikers decided to leave the hike early at this point, but the majority of the group opted to continue hiking.

The remaining hikers walked to the Shindagin Rim Trail, which comes out onto Shindagin Hollow Rd near the parking area. This trail took us along the precipice on some very nicely cushioned treadway. and gave us many interesting views across the state forest on a nice clear warm day. This route is among some of my most favorite in the county.

Reaching the other end of the Rim Trail we road-walked back to our cars, ending the hike about ten minutes past our regular hike time ( as had been expected ).

Warm welcome to Michelle on her first hike with the group!

Photo by Jim

Photos by Cian

Photos by Leigh Ann

Album by Leigh Ann