Special Report: Trail Maintenance Work Party

April 13, 2023

Report and photos by Jim

Four Ithaca Hikers met David Priester of the Cayuga Trails Club at Hanshaw and Lower Creek Roads for a small trail maintenance project on our adopted section of the Cayuga Trail. One of the footbridges had become destabilized due to erosion on a bank.

After a short hike to the work site on the orange-blazed trail section, the work party spent a few minutes digging out one end of the footbridge. David lag-bolted some new 2 x 8  stringers into the existing footbridge, and we backfilled the end of the bridge with rocks and dirt.

No sooner had we completed the project than a Primitive Pursuits class of a dozen or so young kids and adult counselors hiked through and had a chance to try out the reinforced footbridge.

Thanks to everyone who came out to assist with this project!