Report to Hikers May 29 – June 4

Wednesday May 31

Cayuga Nature Center Trails

Hike report by Jim

Nine hikers met in the Houghton Road parking lot for a hike of the Cayuga Nature Center trails on a sunny, clear, and very warm day. A 10th hiker arrived late and was unable to locate the group, so she hiked alone and then with some other hikers she encountered along her route.

We took the grassy and well-shaded Meadow Trail from the parking lot to the animal enclosures, where we found ourselves sharing the nature center with a large group of elementary school aged students.

The group dallied at the animal enclosures for a while before walking through the Sugarbush Trail to the front of the nature center, where we jumped on the blue trail. We completed a loop through the blue trail to the poorly blazed Wilderness Loop. Trail conditions were dry, and the grassy trails closer to the nature center were well maintained and easily followed. Although there was a small amount of water flowing in the stream we crossed today, I expect that the waterways here will soon dry up without rainfall to revitalize them.

We returned to the nature center via the Habitat Trail. A quick stop at the Treehouse on the way back to the cars ended our hike.

Photos by Jim

Photos by Nancy H.

Saturday June 3

Shindagin Hollow State Forest

Hike report by Mary W.

Ttwenty hikers and one dog met at the north end of Shindagin Hollow Road (by the snowplow turn around) to hike the Shindagin Rim Trail. Two hikers rejoined our group after having been away for long periods of time, but there were no brand new hikers to introduce today. 

The morning was sunny and pleasant, with temperatures around 67 degrees F and calm winds. In total, hikers walked 4.62 miles traversing the rim southward into the hollow and reaching Gulf Creek Road. From there, we looped back to the north, walking on the seasonal Shindagin Hollow Road through the marsh area, and then re-entering the trail to trace the first part of the rim back to the cars.

The walking pace was brisk and consistent (about 2 mph), which got hikers back to their cars just a few minutes shy of two hours! With no mishaps to report, excitement was had by the sighting of several woodland toads.

Photos by Cian

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Photos by Leigh Ann

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Sunday June 4

Finger Lakes National Forest

Hike report by Mark S.

There were 30 people (including latecomers) and four dogs on Sunday’s hike, which started at Picnic Area Road in the Finger Lakes National Forest. The group first headed north on the Interloken Trail to Foster Pond. We then headed east on the Potomac Ponds Loop. The loop goes past more ponds and then on a lightly used trail through some new growth forests.

We eventually made our way back to the Interloken trail, having passed a total of five ponds. The return south on the Interloken trail brought us back to our cars about 20 minutes early. Some people extended the hike by heading south on the Burnt Hill Trail to enjoy the views of the valley and distant hills. 

Photo by Nancy H.

Photos by Leigh Ann

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