Report to Hikers June 19 -June 25

Wednesday June 21

FLT and Lower Treman Park Trails

For this hike, we split into two groups. One group, led by Casey, did a fast-paced out-and-back of the Finger Lakes Trail through Lower Treman and beyond. The other group, led by Jim, did a loop hike through Lower Treman.

The group of hikers before we split up. Photo by Mary Jo.
Out and Back on the FLT

Hike report by Casey

Our option started with four eager beaver hikers with Leigh Ann leading. At 40 minutes in, we dropped a Nancy as she had to leave early for another commitment. Soon after that we picked up another Nancy on the trail to retain our compliment of four eager beaver hikers. As we got to the intersection of the trail that leads back to the falls overlook we dropped that second Nancy so that she could catch up with the hikers on the other option path, which I assume she did successfully.

We continued on the FLT at a brisk, but not crazy pace. By the time we got to turn around at Butternut Creek Road we were just slightly over an hour in. Maybe 10 or 15 minutes. So we decided that if we kept up an even brisker pace, we should be able to be back at the cars to reconnect with the hikers from the other option.

Well, we not only kept up a brisker pace, with Jack now at the front as our intrepid leader, I would say that on the way back we just out and out sent it.

The end result was that we got back to the cars at I think the two hour and 10 minute mark, with a total of 6.9 miles. And lived to tell about it. And we beat most of the hikers from the other option back. And now I am lucky to have enough energy left to type this report.

Photo by Nancy H.
Loop Hike

Hike report by Jim

The group today consisted of 12 hikers, plus one late arrival who met the group on the trail. Early arriving hikers were treated to the sight of a bear racing across the open field of the nature preserve next to the parking lot.

The day was sunny and noticeably muggy. The park trails were packed with many day hikers, including approximately 100 middle school students on the Gorge Trail.

Both groups of hikers had encounters with snakes on their respective trails. I literally stepped over a black snake that stretched across the entire Gorge Trail footpath before I realized what I had done. Nancy L reported an encounter with a juvenile milk snake on Casey’s hike.

I noticed that the various streams crossing the trail had minimal water flow despite recent rains, but Enfield Creek itself seemed to have a normal amount of water flowing.

Saturday June 24

Trail Maintenance Work Party, Cayuga Trail

Hike report by Jim

Sixteen hikers met at the parking lot at Lower Creek  and Hanshaw Roads for the first work detail of our adopted trail section of the Cayuga Trail. Casey and I had prehiked the lower section of trail the previous day to see conditions there.

The day was very humid, and the humidity only seemed to get worse as the morning progressed. The hikers sorted themselves into three subgroups, with Casey and Jack taking people who’d brought electric or gas-powered tools, as well as several hikers with hand tools, to the lower section of trail to deal with the overgrown weeds and saplings along that section of trail. I took the remaining third to Freese Road to enter the trail from that direction.

I underestimated the amount of weedy growth on the upper section of trail, especially near the open fields. Future work parties will include some power tools on the upper section!

Work time for all three parties was intentionally limited to two hours as this was our first work day on our adopted section and I wanted to see what could be accomplished in a set period of time.

More work will need to happen, especially on the wooden stairs on the upper end. No blazing was done, as the weather forecast for the next 10 days shows rain every single day.

After the hike, 10 hikers met at Brewer’s to report on each group’s progress and enjoy lunch, proving that we’re not all work and no play!

A warm welcome to Mike, who showed up to a work party on his first day with us!

Photos by Jim

Sunday June 25

Dryden Rail Trail and Roger’s Birthday Celebration

Hike report by Jim

Twenty-four hikers and four dogs met in the parking lot of the Kenny Van Sickle ballfields in Dryden for a hike of the Dryden Rail Trail. The day was warm and sunny and only slightly less humid than Saturday had been.

Early 0n, there was a brief period of overcast skies, giving the impression of impending rain. But the rain held off until a short downpour after we relocated to Hopshire brewery after the hike.

The Rail Trail was an enjoyable green tunnel through much of today’s hike, with the barest hint of visible waterways alongside the footpath at various points along the path. At George Road, the panoramic vista  across the valley was especially nice.

After George Road, the trail skirts the various William George parcels, with a mix of unmowed horse fields and mowed open areas. We reached Railroad Street in Freeville before turning around and retracing our steps.

After the hike, many of the hikers relocated to Hopshire to observe Roger’s 80th birthday. In addition, many friends who were unable to join the hike met us at Hopshire to wish Roger well. Happy birthday, Roger!

Photo by Mary Jo

Greg rescued this little critter from the path. Elizabeth identified it as a painted turtle.

Happy birthday to Roger from old friends and new! Photos by Leigh Ann

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