Report to Hikers: New Year’s morning along Six Mile Creek

Tailgate party 019

Hello Hikers!

It’s no secret I sometimes stage photos and try to make them look candid  —  but this one really was spontaneous, the hikers’ idea, not mine  —  I hope we’re all going into 2015 in pretty good spirits ….

Tailgate party 155

and here’s to lots of great hikes ahead

Curious who fell into the little stream this year while trying to jump across it?

Tailgate party 073

no one  —  but a number of hikers chose to follow Tiger up the alternative path rather than give the stream a try

Report on the tailgate party

Tailgate party 136


Report on the food

Tailgate party 143

judge for yourself ….

Tailgate party 118

This was a perfect morning to see this great walk at its wintery best, not too cold, not windy in the woods, slightly sunny

Tailgate party 034

Official head count:  30 hikers, four dogs

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