Report to Hikers: week of April 6-12

Hello Hikers!

Thursday April 8

Buttermilk Falls SP, lower parking lot to Lake Treman

Buttermilk Falls SP 133

First hike since Sun Jan 4 with no snow on the ground …. three full months! — we had to postpone this hike for a day because of heavy rain on Wednesday — Buttermilk Creek was really roaring 12 hours after the rain stopped — lovely dark damp morning, beautiful under the evergreens that flourish all along this trail

Buttermilk Falls SP 070

One excitement — a mysterious large animal pelt was lying along the path at the start of the Bear Trail — several of the hikers were willing to pick it up ….

Buttermilk Falls SP 080

…. Steve even put his mouth down next to it when I asked him to pretend to bite it

Buttermilk Falls SP 071

We also had a brief moment of false excitement —

Vicki, an avid birder, thought she saw a loon on Lake Treman …. but not so

Buttermilk Falls SP 097
Otherwise, uneventful, and a real pleasure to be back in the woods.

Buttermilk Falls SP 041

Official head count: 11 hikers, two dogs

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Saturday April 11

Lindsay Parsons Nature Preserve, West Danby

Lindsay Parsons 085

Wonderful morning on one of our most varied and picturesque trails — raw and blustery in the parking lot, but lovely once we dropped down into the preserve — upper 30s, dark and snowing lightly part of the time

Lindsay Parsons 204

The huge rolling fields got a boot-camp style buzz cut since we were here last, in September — in some spots, the effect was really extreme — no matter, it still looks great, and Elizabeth assured us the goldenrod, an annual, will all grow back, and we can expect the usual spectacular display when it’s in full bloom later in the year.

Lindsay Parsons 109

We had one of our best adventure hikes ever when we did this hike a year ago — then, we walked up un unfamiliar trail ad ended up in a huge bushwhack — this time we played it safe and stayed on the marked trails — the one excitement came from a bit of water crossing — Katharine’s feet are both in the air, if you look closely at the shot above — our hikers are all getting older and a little battered, but they can still jump ….

Lindsay Parsons 118

and balance ….

Lindsay Parsons 188

Official head count: 13 hikers, three dogs

The transition from snow and ice to puddles and mud seemed to happen almost overnight this year — that’s fine with me, I love puddles and mud — I sometimes wish I was a dog at this time of year, they have much more fun on the trail than I do (that’s Arlo, normally gold in color).

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Sunday April 12

Robert Treman SP on the Finger Lakes Trail

Robt Treman SP 028

A fast-moving warm front arrived just before hike time — temps shot up more than 25 degrees from 8 am to noon, below-freezing to nearing 60 — we set off in hats and scarves and finished in shirtsleeves

Robt Treman SP 064

Gorgeous morning, of course — who would complain? — but I’d rather move a little more gradually from early spring to early summer than in the short span of two hours

This trail has dramatic dark masses of beautiful pines all along the way — but almost always off to the side — I’m always trying to work them into a photo, but failing — somehow I managed this time — though you’ll probably need to look twice to discern the hikers

Robt Treman SP 160

Lots of fantastic sun-and-shade scenery and long shadows, very moody and satisfying to walk through — but a bit of a challenge for my new camera, which is exceptionally small and light but doesn’t do that well in bright glare and high-contrast settings because of the compromises needed to stay so small

Robt Treman SP 081

Official head count: 23 hikers, nine dogs

The parking lot off Route 13 was unusually full when we stepped off, and when we got back to the cars, we found a strange sight — drivers from a college in Pennsylvania sitting idling their motors and waiting for parking spaces to open up — just like at a bustling mall — some kind of special outing for them

Hiker Virginia left a hiking pole by a tree and failed to retrieve it — if you saw it and picked it up, contact me.

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