Report to Hikers: week of June 15-21

Hello Hikers!


Wednesday June 17

Yaple Road at Comfort Road, Danby
Yaple Road, Danby 023
Revolt at the trail head — I planned to walk through the fields over to Lick Brook — but one of the hikers warned the others darkly that this trail would be terribly wet, and tick-infested — so I was unanimously outvoted, and we ended up going back into upper Buttermilk SP for the second time in three weeks
Yaple Road, Danby 059

I don’t really like to repeat hikes so soon — but this is a very beautiful trail and it was fun to check it out three days after the big rain- and wind-storm that caused so much damage in Danby —
Yaple Road, Danby 052

We saw newly downed trees and signs there’d been high rushing water all around — seemed like we weren’t the only ones sightseeing after the storm; we ran into many more other people walking around this area than we’ve ever seen before
Yaple Road, Danby 109

Conditions were lovely and we had a great time
Yaple Road, Danby 056

Official head count: Eight hikers, three dogs

We have a new active daredevil in the group — Hank, 4-5 feet above the ground.

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Saturday June 20

Gorge Trail, Mark Smith Road, Finger Lakes National Forest

Gorge Trail, FLNF 090

Beautiful mild morning in Schuyler County.  There’s some fantastic scenery on this trail, including a wonderful gorge with a stream and two gorgeous ponds, and everything looked great.

Gorge Trail, FLNF 050

We were thinking we might see damage from the big storm last weekend, but we passed a only a few signs of high water.  The trail was a little wetter and muddier than normal, but no big deal.

Gorge Trail, FLNF 037

Official head count:  Nine hikers, five dogs

Gorge Trail, FLNF 119

I have a bad case of nostalgia  for the 40s and 50s (I was born in ’44) and the roads in this part of the national forest always make me feel I’ve gone back to those years  —  in a way it’s almost as much fun walking on these roads as the trails here  —  you don’t need to watch your step and there’s no mud  —  and no poison ivy  —  we had to turn around twice because we suddenly hit poison ivy right along the edge of the path in the woods.

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Sunday June 21

The Pinnacles Look-out from the north leg of the Abbott Loop, Danby

Pinnacles from the north leg 038

Steamy, sweaty and somewhat buggy walk to start our summer hiking season  —  I’ll be trying out this new fashion item in the weeks ahead (a gift from Brenda, modeled here by Tiger)  — the early word is that the veil is somewhat hot to wear, but it works.

Pinnacles from the north leg 104

We all made it up to the look-out pretty much on schedule, though the climb was a little more tiring than usual because of the hot conditions

Pinnacles from the north leg 140

Unfortunately, the fringe of trees and shrubs along the rim of the look-out is getting out of hand, and the great views out over the inlet valley have already been wrecked until the leaves drop off  —  I got a shot of everyone standing around in the vicinity of the rim but it doesn’t have any of the drama of the winter views, and the lighting along the rim itself was bad.

Pinnacles from the north leg 075

The leg of the Abbott Loop we walked up the week before suffered massive damage from the storm  that hit that night, but this leg of the loop was fine and we made good progress through the wettest areas.

Pinnacles from the north leg 052

Official head count:  18 hikers, six dogs

You can see seven more shots by me online here.

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