Report to Hikers: week of July 6-July 12

Hello Hikers!



Wednesday July 8

Braley Hill Road at the Finger Lakes Trail crossing, Shindagin Hollow SF

Braley Hill Road at the FLT 064

We now have five different hikes to do in this huge forest tract  —  each one feels different and distinctive  —   all wonderful

Braley Hill Road at the FLT 032

Unfortunately, three of the five involve walking on bicycle trails, and we can only do these when the trail bikers aren’t around  —  they’re much too rowdy a bunch to share the narrow bike trails with  —  you can get an idea of their riding styles from their trail names ….  Ass Hammer 1 & 2, Widow Maker, Limp Dick, etc etc.

Braley Hill Road at the FLT 052

We had the forest completely to ourselves Wednesday  —  thanks to some fabulous atmospherics, it was one of the best hikes I’ve done in a while, cool, foggy, drizzling off and on, wet from a downpour overnight and a bit muddy  —  “I hate mud,” said one of our ladies  —  it turns out her mother had used a very harsh psychological trick to scare her when she and her sister got mud-covered when she was five ….

Braley Hill Road at the FLT 016

Official head count:  Nine hikers, two dogs.

You can see six more photos online here.



Saturday July 11

Texas Hollow SF, Bennettsburg, followed by a get-together at Eckhart’s house in Enfield

Texas Hollow SF 109

Beautiful walk in Schuyler County, except that three hikers got stung several times each shortly after we stepped off  —  walking on the boardwalk shown in the photo above  —  seems like there are bees living in the wood and they swarm up when someone walks across the boardwalk  —  we avoided using it on the way back to the cars

Texas Hollow SF 068

The areas under the trees are exceptionally nice here  —  many pine groves and picturesque terrain

Texas Hollow SF 035

Official head count:  22 hikers, seven dogs

Texas Hollow SF 140

We had a great time at the get-together afterwards  —  Eckhart’s house is near the top of a hill and there was a lovely breeze, and we were able to sit under the shade of some pine trees right near his deck.

Official head count at the get-together:  19 hikers

You can see eight more shots by me online here.



Sunday July 12

Lick Brook

lick Brook 047

Another beautiful morning on a fantastic trail, balmy but not hot, birds singing all along the way, not many insects

lick Brook 088

Lick Brook had surprisingly little water in it considering the amount of rain we’ve had recently  — this is the scenic lower waterfall viewing area

lick Brook 175

and this is the upper stream where we’ve had some hairy crossings in the past.  But there were signs everywhere of very high water, downed trees and big swathes of mud and gravel  —  there was obviously some major flooding going on recently.

lick Brook 126

Official head count:  21 hikers, eight dogs.

You can see eight more shots from this hike online here.