2015 cook-out at Roger’s

Hello Hikers!
Cook-out at Roger's 020

The weather could have been better, and almost no one went swimming, but we had another great cook-out anyway.
Cook-out at Roger's 035

It started to rain around 2, hard enough to send some people home early and to prompt others to move inside — the rest of us stood around under the trees getting a little wet — the storm passed after a while and it warmed back up and the weather turned lovely.
Cook-out at Roger's 043

Roger’s GF Gunilla is a big gardener and she’s done a huge amount of work on the property over the years that we’ve been having our cook-outs here — it looks like an estate managed by a professional gardener now.
Cook-out at Roger's 069

Official head count: 67 hikers, six dogs. The turnout was on track to break 70 comfortably but then some people cancelled at the last second.
Cook-out at Roger's 117

The cool nights we’ve been having kept the pond water in the 60s and only a tiny handful of people went in this year. Too cold for me — but I did arrange for my candid annual close-up that I’ve been dieting for — Hussain used my camera for the shot.
Cook-out at Roger's 072

Our effort to raise money to cover the cost of renting space on a server for the hikers’ web site went very well — it costs me $120 a year to keep the web site on DreamHost — we raised $118.

You can see 10 more shots from the cook-out here.