Report to Hikers: week of Aug 17 – Aug 23

Hello Hikers!



Wednesday Aug 19

Sledding hill, north end of Taughannock Falls State Park

Sledding hill, Taughannock SP 025

We’ve been coming here every six months or so on Wednesdays for years trying to figure out how to complete what looks on the map like a very nice loop hike — never could figure it out, always had to turn back in confusion — finally did it — thanks to new hiker Mark (foreground), who comes here all the time and knows his way around.

Sledding hill, Taughannock SP 087
It’s a delightful walk — starts in an area of extensive fields, some mowed more or less periodically, some that haven’t been cut in quite a while — there isn’t the drama of the best fields we routinely hike through like Lindsay Parsons or Layen Road — but the effect is very pleasing in a low-key way

Sledding hill, Taughannock SP 096
After a while you get into an area of woods — some very nice action here, I’d rate it good to excellent in quality

Sledding hill, Taughannock SP 102

No trip to Taughannock is complete without some kind of look at the falls, even though we’ve all seen them a million times  —  the overlook area where I took this shot is currently a big mess while they’re building a new visitors’ center  —  there was some suspicion among the hikers that this will become an excuse for charging money to park there

Sledding hill, Taughannock SP 047

Official head count:  14 hikers, six dogs.

The reason we always get lost here is that the trail is full of forking paths that aren’t marked  —  I just realized in writing this report that there’s a new map that actually shows all the forks and side trails (dashed lilnes), so now we can get around here ourselves any time, even when Mark’s not around.

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Saturday Aug 22

Taughannock Falls SP, rim trail and cook-out

Taughannock hike and cook-out 049

Back in the park three days later  —  lovely cool morning, too cool to swim as we’d intended, but perfect for walking around and having a cook-out

Taughannock hike and cook-out 177

One mishap  —  two hikers got stung, one of them twice  —  otherwise, great fun

Taughannock hike and cook-out 072

Official head count:  41 people, seven dogs (not everyone did both the hike and the cook-out)

Taughannock hike and cook-out 088

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Sunday Aug 23

Carter Creek Loop, Connecticut Hill Wildlife Management Area

Carter Creek Loop 036

Another beautiful cool morning

Carter Creek Loop 127

One of the hikers was quizzing me about this walk the day before  —  how good is it?  would it be worth doing?  —  I had to be a little vague because I’d only done it once before, and my memory was a bit blurry  —  anyway, now I can say for the record, this is an excellent hike, very beautiful

Carter Creek Loop 056

Dave brought knowledge of four Connecticut Hill hikes with him when he started hiking with our group last fall  —  all four are technically illegal  —  they follow convoluted ski trails created without the state’s permission, and pretty much impossible to figure out unless you come here all the time  —  legally, the huge Connecticut Hill WMA is mainly intended for hunting and trapping  —  creating and maintaining trails for hiking and skiing is a big no-no

Carter Creek Loop 077

Anyway, it’s full of great scenery and I’m delighted we have someone to lead us around here

Carter Creek Loop 063

Official head count:  26 hikers, six dogs

To my mind, a perfect hike is one that finishesup in precisely two hours flat  —  Dave brought us in at 1:59  —  yeah!

You can see eight more photos by me online here.