Report to Hikers: week of Nov 30-Dec 6

Hello Hikers!


Wednesday Dec 2

Cornell natural areas along Fall Creek in Forest Home — Mundy Wildflower Garden, Botanical Garden and Beebe Lake — and the Cornell Dairy Bar
Mundy Wildflower Garden 032We regularly hike when there’s rain in the area that might or might not hit us (usually not) — but I think this was the first time we stepped out when it was 100% clear from the radar that we’d definitely get hit — the only question was when, and how hard
Mundy Wildflower Garden 079I was curious whether hikers would come out when we were guaranteed to get wet, but no one seemed to mind a bit. A couple of them didn’t even wear real rain gear.

It was a lovely dark mild morning and we were able to walk for well more than an hour along Fall Creek and look around leisurely at the beautiful plantings and the delightful scenery.
Mundy Wildflower Garden 101You’ve probably been to the botanical garden, but how about the Mundy Wildflower Garden? it’s quite low key and somewhat tucked away …. nice atmosphere … sounds like it’s very big among native-plant types — that’s not me — I don’t pay the slightest attention to the plantings but I do really like the feeling the place has.

Tiger and I walk around Beebe Lake all the time but it seems like most of our hikers are not that familiar with it — it has an amazingly bucolic feeling for an attraction right in the middle of a university campus.

Mundy Wildflower Garden 123

We went into the Cornell Dairy Bar for treats — started to rain while we were sitting around — it wasn’t very far back to the cars, so we didn’t get seriously wet or chilled even though it was then raining a little briskly.

Mundy Wildflower Garden 085

Official head count: 17 hikers, one dog

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Saturday Dec 5

Jim Schug Trail, Dryden, with a stop at Hopshire Brewery in Freeville on the way home
Jim Schug Trail 199Another mild morning, and an amusing break from our normal routine of ups and downs through the woods on lumpy paths.
Jim Schug Trail 131This four-mile long rail trail has a wonderful open feeling, especially when the leaves are down — water on at least one side for most of the way, and deep views into the rolling fields and hills and farmlands that make this part of southeast Dryden so distinctive.
Jim Schug Trail 121Dryden Lake takes up a lot of space — seems almost like it could be a resort with this little viewing platform here. There’s also beautiful swamps and extensive streams running through brushy areas — I wish I’d been a kid with such a fabulous place to play in.
Jim Schug Trail 221The prospect of a completely flat walk brought out two regulars who’ve been on the injured-hiker list for a while, Steve S and Dave, and it was fun to have them back with us — they managed to finish about half the hike — both reported they were a little fatigued afterwards. For the rest of us, the walk was a piece of cake — I took the photo above at the end of the walk — do you see any signs of fatigue in the group?

Jim Schug Trail 036

Official head count: 27 hikers, three dogs.

Jim Schug Trail 226

Hopshire is midway between Dryden and NTSEG on Route 13, just right for a stop-off on the way back from hiking in the eastern part of the county — it’s very low key and relaxed — the dogs can come in, and they hover under the table eagerly badgering everyone for crackers and pretzels.

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Sunday Dec 6

Monkey Run Natural Area, south side of Fall Creek
Monkey Run - Varna 040Gorgeous sun-drenched morning along one of our most beautiful trails
Monkey Run - Varna 117Some picturesque frost and frozen mist on the way to the meet-up, but the temps rose fast and it was in the balmy mid-40s when we wrapped it up
Monkey Run - Varna 069There’s a few spots along the trail that are shady even when the leaves are down, like this dramatic pine grove on the high bluffs
Monkey Run - Varna 147…. but generally this walk is bright everywhere on a sunny day without leaves, especially when the sun’s so low in the sky
Monkey Run - Varna 060We had a special hiker with us — you may remember Boomer, who fell off the cliff here a while back and had to be rescued from the creek 100 feet below by the fire department — this was his first time back to the scene of the accident — he stayed on the leash the whole time on this walk — I didn’t notice any signs he had any bad memories of the accident when he arrived at the spot
Monkey Run - Varna 021Official head count: 37 hikers, seven dogs — one hiker arrived after we’d set off — tried to catch us but went in the wrong direction — didn’t connect until the last 15 minutes — but she said she’d had a great hike anyway looking for us

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We’re having trouble with the photo-sharing page where our nature photogs Annie and Jack V post their hike shots — neither one put anything up — I’ll send a link to their photos from this hike next time.