Report to Hikers: week of Dec 14-Dec 20

Hello Hikers!


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Wednesday Dec 16
Taughannock Falls SP sledding hill, followed by a get-together at Mark and Ellie’s house

Taughannock SP sledding hill 067        
I can’t remember if I said this before — it’s worth repeating — there’s a delightful side benefit to getting out and driving around the county to hike — you get to see areas off the beaten track you’d never otherwise go to. Everyone’s been to Taughannock Falls — ditto for Trumansburg — but how many of you have driven the rural area between them on the back roads? if you like farmland, the scenery along this stretch is fantastic.

Taughannock SP sledding hill 196          
The same is true for the area just west of Trumansburg — it’s a big sprawling agricultural area, and Mark and Ellie live right in the midst, in the extreme NW corner of the county. They have a great house for entertaining, and it was really fun to get out into this unfamiliar territory and check everything out.

Taughannock SP sledding hill 090          
This is the second time we’ve hiked around the sledding hill area on the north side of the state park. The walk involves a very satisfying mix of fields, some open and some overgrown, and lovely woods.

Taughannock SP sledding hill 109


Two high points  —  navigating a major tangle of fallen trees

Taughannock SP sledding hill 102


…. and then a group fell behind while petting a dog, made a wrong turn, missed the last leg through a beautiful stretch of woods, and had to walk back on the road.

In short, a pretty uneventful walk.

Taughannock SP sledding hill 141


Official head count:  17 hikers + Yoda

More photos online:
Norm  —  three short videos



Saturday Dec 19

Fall Creek outfall area — Fuertes Bird Sanctuary, Stewart Park, Newman Golf Course, white lighthouse and Lakeview Cemetery

Lighthouse 071         
I tell everyone I love winter hiking — in fact, when it’s time to step out the door on the first raw, icy morning of the winter season, I always have the same instant reaction — This is horrible. But unless you want to spend the next four months inside, of course, you need to put this subversive thinking firmly aside.

Lighthouse 085         
We had a gorgeous morning, dramatically grey, snowing a little, a burst of bright sunshine toward the end. Didn’t see anyone else out; it’s much more fun when we have it to ourselves

Lighthouse 191         
We generally only do this walk once a year, toward the end of hunting season — I was glad it snowed at the last minute because the area looks much more picturesque with a snow cover.

Lighthouse 148          
Almost everyone made it out to the lighthouse — the long jetty is a bit hairy for walking — the top is quite eroded and broken and it was a little icy in spots — I realized afterwards I should have taken the commemorative group shot in two parts, since the people on the ends are distorted by my wide-angle lens, and you can’t see the lighthouse or the lake.

Lighthouse 098         
A number of our hikers hadn’t done this walk before — there are no maps showing how to proceed and it’s not al all obvious just from looking at Google.

Lighthouse 225         
We got back to the cars a little early — some people went home, but a sub-group walked across the street and up into Lakeview Cemetery — this is the big mausoleum — a very atmospheric place, and a nice backdrop for a line-up shot — on the way out, we passed a relatively fresh grave that had a photo mounted as a memento — hiker Dennis recognized a former student of his.

Official head count: 23 hiker and Ruby and Yoda

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This walk has just about the most open and sweeping scenery of any that we do  —  throw in the really spectacular atmospherics Saturday, and our two nature photographers got some unusually interesting shots this time.



Sunday Dec 20


Stevens Suspension Bridge, Cornell golf course and horse fields, Forest Home

Stevens Suspension Bridge 230         
So much for bleak winter weather — the snow disappeared overnight and the sun came roaring back brightly — and we got one more day of the mild golden haze that’s made this December so wonderful

Stevens Suspension Bridge 077-001

Great effects with the sun at its lowest point in the sky for the year — the light was pouring in it seemed almost like sideways — long trailing shadows everywhere and the woods were full of beautiful glow

Stevens Suspension Bridge 092
Not the best conditions for taking photos — our hikers are much too old to be photographed up close with bright sun right in the face — if you take a shot from the side, some of the faces end up melted — but I managed to find a few good scenes that worked out OK

Stevens Suspension Bridge 112
We walked up into the main Cornell horse area — the last time we were here there were lots of horses in the corrals near us — this time the horses were at a distance and we had to be content with a small flock of sheep — no matter, the area has a lovely relaxed feeling

Stevens Suspension Bridge 146
Official head count: 39 hikers, nine dogs

Stevens Suspension Bridge 048
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