Report to Hikers: week of Mar 21-Mar 27

Hello Hikers!

Wednesday March 23

Six Mile Creek, south side rim trail
Six Mile Creek, south rim trail 028I’m not bragging, just stating a fact, when I say that, if you start hiking with us, even if you’ve lived here for a long time, you’ll soon find yourself on trails you’ve never seen before. Everyone comments on it. If you like seeing new sights, this is a big benefit of hiking with our group.
Six Mile Creek, south rim trail 071This trail along Six Mile Creek is maybe the most striking case of all — so close to downtown and so surprisingly wild — you’d never know it’s there unless you’re unusually curious, or someone shows you. It runs parallel to the very popular and attractive South Hill Rec Way, which is a groomed, wide and gentle walking and jogging boulevard that gets heavy use — if you turn off this in several unmarked spots, you immediately find yourself in the kind of rugged deep woods setting we find in the state forests far out of town — rocky streams, narrow bumpy paths, sheer drops, mysterious trails branching off to the side

Six Mile Creek, south rim trail 083**

Six Mile Creek, south rim trail 104Sandra was making her first hike here on Wednesday and she really got a kick out of it

Six Mile Creek, south rim trail 117Official head count: 17 hikers, one dog

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Jack V

No photos from Annie  — couldn’t hike at all this week  —  plantar fasciitis


Saturday March 26

Robinson Hollow SF, Tioga County
Robinson Hollow SF 007I wanted to be a farmer when I was a boy — I’d like to live on a farm now (provided someone else did all the work) — so I really enjoy it when there’s a farm right at the start of one of our hikes, as we have in a couple of cases — these two beautiful work horses live just a few hundred feet from the Robinson Hollow trail head, and Sabine walked over without me prompting her — there’s also a cow and chickens — really creates a great feeling of being out in the country
Robinson Hollow SF 081I’m still thinking about a list of our most strenuous hikes — I think our people would agree this is one of them
Robinson Hollow SF 107We managed to get pretty far into the hemlock forest part of this walk — it was fairly dark under the trees and I forgot to adjust my camera so none of my photos came out — I realized that the trail under the hemlocks is is quite rough and bumpy and now I’m working on a theory that hemlock groves tend to produce poor quality walking conditions, too many roots and snags
Robinson Hollow SF 138Beautiful morning, no signs of spring but a lovely dazzling sun and nice temps
Robinson Hollow SF 057Official head count: 24 hikers, six dogs

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Jack V


Easter Sunday

Lick Brook, followed by a get-together at Hobit’s

Lick Brook 060**

Lick Brook 208Gorgeous morning on a great trail, and a wonderful holiday party

Lick Brook 145Official head count for the walk:  28 hikers, six dogs

A handful of the walkers couldn’t make it to the get-together, but a number of additional people who weren’t able to hike showed up, and we had a big crowd.  We got a chance to catch up with Hobit’s teenage son Jake, who’s into tumbling

Lick Brook 213**

Lick Brook 158At one point on the trail we found ourselves right across the street from the home of super-regular hiker Sabine  —  you can see her house and pond in the additional photos I put online

Lick Brook 066As announced, I didn’t do the whole walk  —  but the parts I did do were completely satisfying and beautiful

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Jack V