Report to Hikers: week of April 25-May 1

Hello Hikers!


Wednesday April 27

Smiley Hill Road and Hill Road, Danby SF — road walk
Hill Road, Danby SF - road walk 028

Fourth hike of the week abruptly cancelled: An epidemic of plantar fasciitis!


Regular hikers exhausted: “I need a day to rest between hikes!”


Wednesday hikes will now alternate road and woods walks


Second largest midweek head count of the last 12 months: 24 hikers (plus Yoda)


Schools off all week: Vacationing teachers take to the woods


First walk on dirt road running through Danby SF: Easy going, beautiful scenery
Hill Road, Danby SF - road walk 083**

Hill Road, Danby SF - road walk 093**

Hill Road, Danby SF - road walk 108**

Hill Road, Danby SF - road walk 115More photos online:





Saturday April 30

Rim trail, Shindagin Hollow SF gorge

Shindagin rim trail 014Lots of red trilliums — but where were all the white ones?


Bad advice on peak display from native plants expert


Hikers forced to make do with trout lilies and marsh marigolds


Clever young hiker catches a crayfish


Official head count: 23 hikers, six dogs

Shindagin rim trail 125**

Shindagin rim trail 150**

Shindagin rim trail 194**

Shindagin rim trail 218**

More photos online:


Jack V


Sunday May 1

Lindsay Parsons Biodiversity Preserve, West Danby

Lindsay Parsons Preserve 035“Don’t let some little rainstorm scare you off from hiking”


Intermittent light rain, chilly breeze, gloom create great atmospherics


Fields and woods finally turning green — wet conditions bring out vibrant colors


Lowest Sunday head count in well over a year — first time below 20 since Sept


Only hard core show up: 13 hikers and two dogs

Lindsay Parsons Preserve 038**

Lindsay Parsons Preserve 049**

Lindsay Parsons Preserve 056**

Lindsay Parsons Preserve 068**

Lindsay Parsons Preserve 093**

Lindsay Parsons Preserve 108**

Lindsay Parsons Preserve 114**