Report to Hikers: week of July 18-July 24


Hello Hikers!


Wednesday July 20

Shindagin Hollow SF  —  road walk on Shindagin Hollow Road

Aviary Photo_131135099790376463The most important thing that a road walk on a sunny day in summer needs  —

R0101648 (2)

R0101659 (2)Shade!

Notice the nice smooth road surface  —  it’s a real pleasure to be able to walk in a lovely setting without having to stare at your feet the whole time to avoid tripping

R0101697 (2)We drove down this road last Sunday for the hike to the Shindagin lean-to  —  noticed several areas of bright red flowers along the edge of the road  —  bee balm  — went over big with the hikers  —  I’m color blind and I could barely make them out

R0101724 (2)This grim-looking spot is normally a beautiful swamp that our nature photogs love to get shots of  —  looks very unappetizing now.

R0101734 (2)Speaking of unappetizing  —  part of Shindagin Hollow Road runs right along the edge of a very high sheer drop, and we often can smell a rotten smell as we walk along, probably dead deer  —  this time the smell was about 4X stronger than I’ve ever smelled before, really dreadful

R0101749Official head count:  19H, one D

Both our nature photographers were back on the trail with us:


Jack V


Saturday July 23

Malloryville hike along Fall Creek with Bob B

Aviary Photo_131137708079243865Our first hike here  —  huge success  —  a number of hikers said I should put this one in our Top 5

R0101859 (3)The hike was put together by Bob B, who grew up here and lives here now  —  it included some private property and limited access property, so it’s not a walk the general public can do

R0101874 (2)Part of the walk took us along an abandoned railroad line running next to Fall Creek  —  I took this shot from the trestle crossing the creek  —  Annie has photos showing the trestle support structure, which looks very old fashioned

R0101893 (2)

There are a number of unusual geological features that we saw  —  too technical for me to remember

R0101902 (2)Norm walked across the whole length of this fallen tree  —  he said he wasn’t nervous because the drop was so slight  —  but I think he could theoretically have fallen onto a sharp stick and done some serious damage

R0101916 (2)We saw a large and interesting beaver dam and a beautiful pond  —  Annie got some photos

R0101939 (2)Much more variety of scenery than normal for us  —  really fun.

One mishap  —  one of the dogs, Griffin, got stung  —  on his penis

Very warm morning but it was extremely pleasant in the woods

R0101966 (2)Official head count:  25H, seven D

You can see Annie’s photos online here.


Sunday July 24

So Danby Road east to the Tamarack Lean-to on the FLT

R0102003 (2)

R0102015 (2)

R0102026 (2)

R0102070 (2)

R0102074 (2)

R0102092 (2)

R0102117 (2)Official head count:  19H, two D

You can see Annie’s online photos here.