Report to Hikers: week of July 25-July 31


Hello Hikers


Wednesday July 27

Harford-Slaterville Road, north on the FLT to Hammond Hill SF

R0102150 (2)You’ll probably never hike here  —  this is an obscure trail in the middle of nowhere  —  but if you ever do, be sure to stay behind the white line on the edge of the pavement

R0102171 (2)This is a high-speed stretch of road in the middle of a blind S-curve and the cars and pickups sometimes come through moving pretty fast

R0102179 (2)Luckily our hikers know the drill by now  —  some years back, we used to have a problem with hikers not staying out of the roadway

R0102185 (2)The business with the passing cars is always the only excitement here  —  otherwise it’s s straightforward country trail  —  shady. a bit steep on the outbound leg, some nice scenery

R0102189 (2)

R0102199 (2)

R0102206 (2)Back at the cars  —  you can see everyone’s still staying behind the white line

R0102236 (2)Official head count:  18H, one D

More photos online:


Jack V


Saturday July 30

Treman SP on the FLT

As reported to me by Jack V:

Ten hikers shaped up in the parking lot  — started to rain and then pour just as they stepped off  —  they stopped immediately under the Route 13 bridge over Enfield Creek  —  stood there for about half an hour schmoozing and waiting for the rain to stop  —  when it didn’t, half of them went to Wegmans for coffee  —  the others went home.  You can see some of the hikers as they were shaping up in Jack’s online photo here.


Sunday July 31

Michigan Hollow Road SE on the FLT to Hill Road, Danby SF

R0102417 (2)Fantastically atmospheric morning  —  dark, wet and sultry

R0102442 (2)The first outbound leg of the walk goes through pine woods and it was really beautiful in the gloom  —  felt like a rain forest

R0102469 (2)R0102478 (2)

We decided to walk on Hill Road for the second part of the hike rather than stay on the FLT in the woods

R0102507 (2)R0102512 (2)

There was a good chance of rain but, alas, we didn’t get any

R0102546 (2)Official head count:  21H, two D

Jack V hiked but he forgot the memory card for his camera  —  so no photos from him.