Report to Hikers: week of Aug 8-August 14


Hello Hikers!


Wednesday Aug 10

Cornell natural areas walk  —  Cascadilla Gorge and Beebe Lake

R0103030 (2)

R0103059 (3)I’m not sure walking around the Cornell campus officially qualifies as “hiking”*  —  but it made a nice change for our midweek hikers, and we all had a lot of fun

R0103073 (2)

R0103078 (2)The Cascadilla gorge trail was closed for repair for a number of years, and some of our hikers hadn’t been on it since it reopened fairly recently.  A few of the repairs are a little heavy-handed, but in general the trail looks as good as ever.  It’s really just as nice in its own way as our other better-known gorge walks like Buttermilk or Treman

R0103118We had to cross the campus to get from Cascadilla gorge to Beebe Lake  —  the two natural areas both seem completely wild and it’s hard to believe there’s a highly developed infrastructure immediately around them.

R0103142 (2)

R0103162 (2)Part of this walk was to get something delicious at Collegetown Bagels as we were finishing up  —  but then we stopped to look at the newly opened Klarman Hall on the arts quad  —  nice air conditioning  —  we had our snack there instead  —  discovered there’s a machine to get free ice water

R0103179 (2)Official head count:  22H, one D

More photos online:



Jack V


Saturday Aug 13

Upper Buttermilk SP and La Tourelle

R0103217 (2)R0103229 (3)Sweatiest hike in quite a while, thanks to very high humidity  —  luckily it was just bearable in the shade, and most of this walk is shady

R0103249R0103256 (2)I don’t know if our hikers would be so high spirited if it was hot like this every weekend, but we all pretty much shrugged the heat off and had a great time



R0103314 (2)

R0103320 (2)

R0103333 (2)That’s not to say everyone put in the full two hours  —  two-thirds of the group called it quits early  —  here’s the group who persevered to the end

R0103353 (3)Official head count:  27H, one D

You can see Jack V’s online photos here


Sunday Aug 14

Monkey Run Natural Area, south side of Fall Creek (Varna)

Aviary Photo_131156719765506852R0103446 (2)

R0103458 (2)

R0103485 (2)

R0103516 (2)

R0103523 (2)

R0103547 (2)Official head count:  32H, three D

Check out Jack V’s online photos here.