Report to Hikers: week of Aug 22-Aug 28


Hello Hikers!


Wednesday Aug 24

Bald Hill Road, Danby SF  —  road walk

R0104016 (3)R0104038 (2)R0104044 (2)Even people who don’t like road walks in general really like this one.  It runs through Danby SF the whole time  —  never any traffic, decent walking surface, excellent scenery, beautiful lighting in the woods when it’s sunny

R0104068 (2)

R0104078 (2)

R0104080 (3)

R0104094 (2)

R0104111 (2)Official head count:  16H, one D

You can see Jack V’s photos online here


Saturday Aug 27

Taughannock Falls SP  —  hike, swim and hot dog cook-out

R0104133 (2)R0104144 (2)R0104153 (2)R0104168 (2)Here we are at the renovated falls look-out (very little water).  If the young woman on the left with twin braids and short shorts looks out of place, you’re right, she wasn’t with us.  But in fact our hiking ladies looked like this themselves 45-50 years ago  —  we circulated old photos of our active hikers earlier in the year and everyone looked very cute and great.

R0104174 (2)R0104241R0104249 (3)It was lovely at the lake-front under the trees, not hot at all, and almost no one went swimming

Official head count:  37H, four D


Sunday Aug 28

Hammond Hill SF north of Star Stanton Road, with Jack V

R0104253 (2)R0104261 (2)R0104279 (2)Warm morning but this trail is exceptionally shady and dark and there was a little breeze, so we didn’t get too hot

R0104307 (2)Canaan Road crossing  —  one of the few spots with any sunlight

R0104322 (2)Back at the cars  —  you can get an idea of the gloom under the trees from the background.

Official head count:  24H, four D