Report to Hikers: week of Dec 5-Dec 11


Hello Hikers!


Wednesday Dec 7

Road Walk  —  Fairfield Road and Barden Road, Candor

This was the third road walk in a row I picked out sight-unseen, just by looking at Google Maps.  My good luck held  —   beautiful country scenery all along the way.

We also lucked out with some fantastic atmospherics  —  the snow that fell overnight had melted in town but it was piled deep out here  —  gorgeous dark grey dramatic sky  —  mist and fog on the hillsides

We passed some picturesque farms, and livestock standing out in the snowy fields

After a while, the sun came out and it felt almost balmy

Official head count:  17H, three D

We didn’t have either of our regular nature photographers with us, so I took some scenic-type shots myself  —  you can see seven here



Saturday Dec 10

Jim Schug Trail, Dryden

Official head count:  15H, three D

You can see Jack V’s photos here



Sunday Dec 11

Stevens Suspension Bridge, Forest Home, east into Monkey Run South

Official head count:  30H, seven D

You can see Jack V’s photos here