Report to Hikers: week of Dec 19-Dec 25


Hello Hikers!


Wednesday Dec 21

Road walk, Buck Hill Road and Aiken Road, Mecklenburg

One more in our series of country road walks off the beaten path.

Once again, I picked the walk without having seen it  —  I figured from the name “Buck Hill Road” that it would be hilly ….

It wasn’t  —  in fact, we were up on a large pretty flat plateau  —  I assume we were up on Buck Hill  —  there were great distance views in a number of spots but they were subtle, not dramatic

I loved the big-sky, wide open spaces feeling

A curiosity  —  this lovely house was on the Underground Railroad before the Civil War  —  and Jack V’s grandmother lived here as a girl, much later of course

Beautiful morning

Official head count:  21H, four D

You can see Jack V’s photos here


Saturday Dec 24

Road walk:  Fischer Settlement Road, South Danby

Very nice mild gloomy morning  —  the radar was showing it would rain but the storm veered aside at the last minute

The snow was quite deep and in poor condition for walking so we stayed on the road

The road’s fully paved but it’s extremely quiet and it runs mainly through Danby SF so you feel like you’re really out in the country the whole time

This is an old cemetery with graves dating back to 1850  —  the snow was completely slippery on what should have been a minor slope

Official head count:  20H, five D


Sunday Dec 25

Lindsay Parsons Biodiversity Preserve, West Danby

Treacherously icy in the parking lot, but the snow was soft and walkable once we got onto the trail  —  though very slippery, and everyone was complaining of serious hip fatigue by the time we wrapped up

Another lovely morning, mild and gloomy  —  we ran into a little rain driving home but it was dry on the hike

Official head count:  18H, seven D

Get-together at Iris’s afterwards

The light was too subdued inside for me to get any shots  —  too bad, since Iris is an art teacher and her house has a very lively and distinctive decor  —  the turkey and the latkes created a great holiday feeling  —  lots of sweets and treats  —  the turkey was extremely succulent  —  roasted by Gopi, donated by our own Father Christmas/Father Hanukkah, Norm  —  who wasn’t even there; he was visiting family on LI.  Tiger and I went home at 2:20  —  official head count as of that point, 28 people.  Very nice vibe.