Nov 10 hike — Woodard Road east into upper Treman SP, plus Ithaca Beer Co.

Hello Hikers!



great walk and delicious beer on a damp gloomy morning.

Official head count ….


15 hikers, three dogs


if you look closely, you’ll see that Vicki and Rabbit came for the beer but skipped the walk  —  it was pouring at both their houses at hike time  —  the rain had stopped in Fall Creek a little while before Tiger and I set out.


We had two new hikers with us  —  both got misled by the Google Maps directions to the trail head  —  one hiker managed to come across us by chance before we started  —  the other was too oconfused by Google  —  we bumped into him on the trail near the end of our hike.


For some reason I can’t quite explain, I really like walking on the country roads behind upper Treman, especially this open stretch along Thomas Road ….


it wasn’t actually as dramatically lighted as it looks here, but it was pretty beautiful


Tiger and I had never hiked when we moved to Ithaca in 2003  —  the first time we tried the Red Pine Trail back then, it seemed so horribly steep we gave up and turned back

yesterday, we and everyone else just waltzed up the hill  —  10 years on, I can definitely say we managed to fall in with good companions.


The French fries at Ithaca Beer Co. truly are fantastic  —  I ate a huge amount, so much I felt queasy for a while when I got home.

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This Friday marks a milestone of sorts for our group  —  we now have four full years of hike photos online on our photo web site  —  click here to see our hike of Nov 15 2009, a beautiful warm morning  —  can you recognize where we were without looking at the headline?