Report to Hikers: week of March 13-March 19


Hello Hikers!


Thursday March 16

Road walk, Michigan Hollow Road, Danby SF

Gorgeous fresh and sparkling morning in Danby SF  —  it seemed especially beautiful because it was our first chance to get out after being trapped inside for two days by Snowstorm Stella

One problem at the meet-up  —  there was a strong wind blowing down from the north, and we were not looking forward to having to walk back into it for an hour on the return leg  —  over 20 mph with gusts over 30 mph, according to two weather data sites

Norm shot a small video, which you can see here

One good thing about a road walk  —  if you arrive late, you can just drive ahead and catch up with everyone no matter how far up the road they are

We made it as far south as the Tioga County line in an hour  —  just about three miles

For whatever reason, the wind wasn’t bad at all on our way back to the cars  —  maybe it was being blocked by the trees  —  in any case, we had a great time and everyone was really feeling cheerful

Official head count:  12H, three D


Saturday March 18

Road walk  —  Legge Hill Road, Candor

More chilly wind blowing right on us  —  luckily, either it died down quickly or I got used to it, but it wasn’t a bother after the first few minutes

The sky was a leaden grey and the scenery had a wonderful bleak and melancholy feeling  —  we passed two picturesque decaying houses that must have been lovely in the past;  they added to the gloomy mood

It started to snow lightly before we reached the halfway point in the walk

There was a good snow cover everywhere except this little knob  —  it wasn’t particularly windy at that moment, but it must be a very windy spot in general.  Steve (R) shot a brief video from the summit giving a 360-panorama view  —  you can see it here

This was one of the first of the farmland road walks our group has done  —  Tiger and I both really loved it the first time  —  this time we were a little surprised to find it didn’t seem so special to us  —  we’ve gotten spoiled and we’re really very discriminating now

But there’s no question, the rolling terrain and the gloomy atmosphere were fantastic!

Official head count:  18H, five D

You can see Annie’s photos here


Sunday March 19

Snowmobile trail, Fischer Settlement Road east through Danby SF

The snowmobiles had packed the snow down pretty well, but we had to walk single-file and the surface was a little lumpy and soft, so the walking was a bit tough

This was supposed to be an easy hike but the trail was a lot more uphill than I’d remembered, and we got a good workout

It was really nice out and we were in good spirits  —  Stephanie said she felt a powerful urge to make a snow angel, something she hadn’t done in many many years

The snowmobile trail turned south and headed down Travor Road through the SF  —  we got as far as Peter Road in South Danby  —  another walk for another day

My ass was dragging as we got back to the cars but Tiger said she felt energized and not the least bit tired  —  I wonder if all this hiking is turning her into an endorphin-type exerciser ….

Official head count:  25H, five D

More photos:


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