Report to Hikers: week of March 27-April 2


Hello Hikers!


Wednesday March 29

Monkey Run Natural Area, south side of Fall Creek – Varna

Five Susans!

Official head count:  25H, five D


Saturday April 1

Michigan Hollow Road to Hill Road on the FLT, Danby SF

Another pretty unappetizing day for a hike  —  we had a cold drizzle the whole time, though the two hourly forecast sites I checked ahead of time both said there was no chance of rain at all

On the other hand, it was tremendously atmospheric, with fog and mist and a great gloomy lighting, so it was really fun to be out

As I hoped, there was very little mud  —  no way to know if it was because the trail was so steep  —  but there was a good deal of standing water in the first part of the walk, and then on Hill Road

The group was quite small at the official start time but a number of people trickled in late and caught up with us, and we ended up as a normal-sized hike.  That’s Randy in front  —  just back from 2 1/2 months at his second home in Southern California, where he did a lot of hiking

We almost never encounter ATVs  —  I like the novelty

I hadn’t worn a rain jacket and my coat was soaked when we got back to the cars  —  but it’s synthetic and it really was still warm even when wet, as advertised

Official head count:  18H, five D

You can see Jack V’s photos here


Sunday April 2

Robert Treman SP on the FLT

The parking lot was congested like I’d never seen before  —  a number of big pickups parked there when we arrived  —  then I remembered …  day no. 2 of trout season

A partial group shot …. more than half the group not shown  —  they’d already fallen behind on the first steep uphills

Almost no mud or standing water

Official head count:  31H, seven D

More photos:


Jack V