Report to Hikers: week of April 24-April 30


Hello Hikers!


Wednesday April 26

Robinson Hollow SF, Tioga County

We were swarmed by small flies as soon as we stepped out of the cars  —  several hikers said they were black flies that had recently hatched and hadn’t reached the biting stage yet  —  a couple of us had insect head nets in the car and you’ll see some in the photos

If you ever get invited to do this walk, be aware it opens with a very steep uphilll that lasts for 12 minutes  —  we once had a hiker become seriously overstressed on the climb  —  could have been serious but luckily someone was carrying an energy bar and that did the trick

There’s a lovely lean-to right off the FLT that’s named in honor of the late daughter of one of our regular hikers, Lucy  —  she died as a very young child many years ago

Official head count:  19H, five D

Schwartzie shot a very short video  —  starring Lucy

You can see Jack V’s photos here



Saturday April 29

Travor Road and the Tamarack Lean-to, South Danby

There’s a beautiful spring a few minutes’ walk beyond the Tamarack Lean-to where you can drink from a hose if you’re bold enough  —  a number of our hikers took the drink this time  —  Annie got some shots

Here’s what the spring area looks like  —  you can see the hose

One of the goals of this hike was for people to learn how to use a compass to make their way out of the woods  —  two groups set out from the lean-to to find the way through the woods to a six-pack of craft beer hidden along Travor Road  —  success  –  I wasn’t with either group but Jack V was and he got the shot:

Official head count:  25H, seven D

More photos:


Jack V

Schwartzie took a video of people at the site of the spring, and then when they found the beer


Sunday April 30

Lindsay Parsons Biodiversity Preserve, West Danby

Official head count:  26H, seven D

More photos:


Jack V