Report to Hikers: week of Sept 18-Sept 24


Hello Hikers!


Wednesday Sept 20

Road walk  —  farming area between Jacksonville and Perry City, town of Ulysses  —  with Mark

This is Taughannock Creek, quite a few miles upstream from the falls

This junkyard is famous in the neighborhood for the number of old cars tucked away in the weeds and bushes  —  there used to be as many as 6,000  —  now there’s reportedly about 2,000  —  this is an active business selling unusual auto parts

I was really struck by the charm of this Greek Revival-style farmhouse  —  turns out Susan L knows the owners

Official head count:  14H, four D

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Jack V


Saturday Sept 23

Hammond Hill SF north of Star Stanton Road, with Jack V

This house has been under construction for a while  —  seems to be finally finished  —  this has caused the town of Dryden highway department to improve a new length of Star Stanton Road  —  don’t know how this will impact parking for us in the future

One of the things I like about HHSF is that we sometimes get to see horses  —  almost didn’t happen this time, but then we passed these two while we heading home  —  I had to lean over in front of Tiger, who was driving, to get this shot as we drove by  —  very unpromising conditions, surprising the photo came out OK  —  the two riders are there but obscured by the horses

Official head count:  20H, six D

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Jack V


Sunday Sept 24

Connecticut Hill WMA  —  The Upper Wedge, with Dave B

Official head count:  20H, five D

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Jack V