Report to Hikers: week of Oct 2-Oct 8


Hello Hikers!


Wed Oct 4

YMCA land and big overgrown fields at Ecovillage, West Hill

We spent 45 minutes walking in the YMCA tract, which is heavily wooded  —  lighting and shadows too poor for me to attempt any photos  —  you can get an idea from these two shots at the start of the trail what it was like.  Annie did take a number of woods shots  —  link below.

Out of the woods and into the brushy fields of Ecovillage  —  this is Rachel Carson Way, the main entrance to the development.  It has a great casual country feeling.

We rarely get to walk through overgrown fields like these, especially on a wide mowed path, and I really enjoyed it.  My only complaint is that there are a lot of big utility poles sticking up on this Ecovillage property.

There’s a mishmash of trails here and it can be confusing.  Tiger sketched a map using Google’s satellite view and we did well following that.

For reasons too complicated to get into, our hike broke into three groups early on  —  two of the groups never got into the fields  —  one made it over to Coy Glen on Elm Street Extension instead.

Official head count: 17H and five D.  We also had a first-time hiker who set out to join us but she found she’d misunderstood where we were meeting and she’d left her phone at home  —  so she didn’t get to hike.

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Saturday Oct 7

Six Mile Creek  —  south side rim trail starting at Crescent Place, South Hill

Official head count:  30H, eight D

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Jack V


Sunday Oct 8

Malloryville countryside  —  with Bob B

This is a viewing platform in the middle of the Malloryville bog  —  there’s some significant plant growing in the middle of the enclosure but I missed what it is because I was distracted trying to get a shot  —  there’s some very nice woodwork inside the bog but the plank boardwalks can be treacherously slippery and slimy  —  one of the hikers slipped and fell, landing first on her ass, then her elbows, and then immediately smacking her head on the boardwalk  —  this person was Tiger  —  no serioius damage

Here’s a view of the beaver dam  —  Bob felt the top was too soft for us to walk on, so we forded the stream just below the dam  —  lots of tremendously gooey mud  —  one hiker toppled over while crossing and got wet up to her waist

Jack V in the Fall Creek flood plain  —  here’s what he was photographing

This hike has wonderful variety  —  I’m putting it onto my Top 12 list

Official head count:  22H, nine D

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Jack V

Bob B got two iPhone shots of the stream crossing at the dam, which was a bit exciting for all of us  —  see here and here