Report to Hikers: week of Nov 13-Nov 19


Hello Hikers!

Wed Nov 15

Chestnut Lean-to and lower north leg of the Abbott Loop, Danby SF

It was extremely slippery  —  the trail was covered with fallen leaves on top of damp ground  —  I skidded and slid pretty alarmingly at least a half dozen times and fell down once when my feet slipped out from under on a downhill and I plopped onto my ass.  Other than that, it was a lovely hike.

Official head count:  22H, three D

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Jack V


Sat Nov 18

Monkey Run Natural Area, south side  —  Varna

I’ve come to really enjoy hikes like this one, where there’s a big storm coming right at us but somehow it doesn’t hit us  —  seems like the atmospherics always end up being great  —  fresh smell, beautiful breeze, great light

Official head count:  18H, four D


Sunday Nov 19

Lime Hollow Nature Preserve, McLean

Official head count:  20H

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Jack V