Report to Hikers: week of Dec 4-Dec 10


Hello Hikers!


Wed Dec 6

Ellis Hollow Nature Preserve

Official head count:  25H, six D


Saturday Dec 9

Stevens Suspension Bridge to Monkey Run North bluffs

Jack V has put together a photo compilation of the best of 2017 for our group  —  he brought it to the trailhead today and gave it its first showing  —  there are 22 full-page photos  —  he’s selling copies for $15 (his cost)  —  contact him if you’re interested

Official head count:  31H, six D

More photos:

Jack V


Sunday Dec 10

Taughannock Falls SP

Official head count:  26H, eight D

More photos:

Jack V


Pinnacles Look-out, Abbott Loop, Danby SF

I got an e-mail the other day from our hiking pal Gary M, head of Cayuga Trails Club, reporting that a DEC work crew has pruned and cleared a lot of the vegetation that has been blocking the view from the look-out.  Gary and David P, head of the CTC trails maintenance operation, had recently contacted the state asking if the view from The Pinnacles could be opened up.  The DEC responded extremely quickly.  I want to give a shout-out to Gary and David  —  they’ve built up a very good relationship with the DEC and they obviously made a compelling case for the clearing operation.  We owe their group a huge debt of thanks for keeping the trails open and clear  —  if they weren’t so active, our hiking options would be greatly diminished.  I urge everyone to join CTC  —  it’s inexpensive, and you’re supporting a really good cause.