Report to Hikers: week of Jan 29-Feb 5


Hello Hikers!


Wed Jan 30

Farm-road walk  —  Hill Road and Curtis Road, South Danby

There are places around town where, if I stand in the right spot on a snowy day, I can photograph the hikers in an all-white setting like this  —  I really enjoy the effect  —  for some reason, makes me think of a group of the elect heading up into paradise  —  especially when there’s a bright glow in the sky like here.

Below is the same view from the other direction  —  nice scene but doesn’t look like paradise ….

We tried to walk on part of Curtis that’s not maintained  –  too icy

This is Hill Road, on a section that’s plowed ….

If you’re paying attention, you should notice this photo is blue.  And this one:

Here’s what happened:

I have an extremely small camera  —  including small buttons used to change settings  —  when it’s cold (it was in the low teens), I work the buttons wearing gloves  —  this is very clumsy and I inadvertently changed the settings so all the photos came out blue  —  without realizing it

Even though the color is weird, you can still appreciate the beautiful scenery, I think

Official head count:  NineH, three D

We now have a new Google Group that I use to send out details of our midweek hikes  —  out of the blue, Cornell blocked 13 hikers who have Cornell e-mail accounts from receiving this hike announcement  —  probably reduced the turnout a bit

More photos:

Jack V


Saturday Feb 3

Layen Road to Bruce Hill Road, Jersey Hill, Danby

Not everyone made it on time for the obligatory group shot at the start of the huge field

Eckhart thought this might be the largest oak tree in the county  —  he brought a cord to measure the trunk  —  17 feet 9 inches around about five feet up from the ground

Two scenes from the quarry:

Steve S (top photo) regards this as our best hike  —  though he’s not as wild about the quarry itself as I am

Official head count:  21H, seven D

More photos:

Jack V


Sunday Feb 4

Monkey Run Natural Area, north side of Fall Creek

Official head count:  19H, five D

More photos:

Jack V