Report to Hikers: week of Feb 16-Feb 25


Hello Hikers!


Wed Feb 21

Farm road walk  —  Red Mill Road, Malloryville

Fantastic morning  —  we caught the tail end of the two-day warm spell just as the cold front was coming at us

Upper 60s and a balmy wind from the south that started to shift while we were out on the road  —  beautiful pale sun as we set off ….

The walk covers the top of a large flat hill and it feels like you’re on top of the world when you’re up there.  After a while it started to cloud up very dramatically

From our vantage point, we could watch the storm coming at us from the northwest

It stayed mild and gorgeous the whole time we were out.  But by 1 pm, the temperature had fallen 20 degrees, and then it started to rain.

Official head count:  16H, three D

I got some extra photos that you see online here


Sat Feb 24

Jim Schug Trail, Dryden

I’d hoped we could walk through the woods on the FLT, but when wee got to the trail head there was considerable snow on the ground, so we decided to do the Schug trail instead  —  it was mostly free of snow

Five hikers missing from the group shot on Dryden Lake

Our regular hiker Roger built this dam years ago when he was a young man doing flood control construction projects  — dam  still looks great

Official head count:  24H, three D

Hopshire Brewery  —  this is a delightful place to come after a hike  —  first time we dropped in on a Saturday  —  we had the big room to ourselves

More photos:

Jack V



Sunday Feb 25

Woodard Road east into upper Treman SP on the FLT, Enfield

The storm that began overnight and was supposed to hit us veered off  —  we just got some great atmospherics …. dampness and gloom

I was surprised at how much ice and snow we ran into …. some of it was  on the verge of being treacherous

This was the second time we used this upper route to get onto the FLT through the southern edge of the park  —  much easier than climbing up from Route 13  —  it only took me and Tiger more than 13 years of hiking here to realize we could start from the top

Official head count:  18H, six D

More photos:

Jack V