Report to Hikers: week of March 5-March 11


Hello Hikers!


Wed March 7

Snowmobile trail from Fisher Settlement Road east to Travor Road, South Danby

Official head count:  19H, three D


Sat March 10

Deputron Hollow Road and Gilbert Road, Danby

You get a wonderful sense of driving out into the country when you head up E Miller Road from 96B to this meet-up  —  the road climbs steadily past picturesque farms and broad fields, and the view to the south and west gets steadily more sweeping and dramatic

Deputron Hollow Road gets hardly any traffic, and I was very surprised to see  a churned-up mess of slippery ice, mud and frozen puddles when we arrived at the junction of Marsh and Deputron

At first it seemed like we would have to abort our walk  —  then people began to pick their way ahead carefully

We began to see extensive signs of logging and we realized the mess was created by this logging operation

This is the junction of Deputron and Gilbert  —  we were beyond the logging area and the footing was fine

There’s a really beautiful deep gorge that runs along the south side of Deputron for much of the way  —  it looked spectacular with the snow cover

This is what churned up the road  —  it’s called a skidder and it’s quite a big piece of equipment

Aside from the messy conditions underfoot, the walk was great

Official head count:  23H, five D

More photos:

Jack V



Sunday March 11

Potato Hill SF, Caroline  —  Level Green Road SW toward Old 76 Road

This was the first time we walked for more than a short distance on this trail.  It’s a decent stretch for a hike, though a little tiring  —  there are significant uphills in both directions  —  made even worse by having to plow through the snow.  There’s a lovely stretch of uncluttered hardwood forest, and a lot of low scrubby growth that clearly used to be fields, and has a distinctive atmospheric feeling.  A good bit of mud and water, both streams and little rivulets running down the middle of the footpath.  The walk through Potato Hill SF on the other side of Level Green Road is easier and more varied  —  there are several areas of beautiful dark pines, for instance  —  but this direction has its charms too.

Official head count:  22H, six D