Report to Hikers: week of June 25-July 1


Hello Hikers!



All photos in this report were taken by Tiger


Wed June 27

Edwards Lake Cliff Preserve, Lansing

Lovely dark and moody morning  —  rain in the area but it held off during the hike

Official head count:  12H, two D



Sat June 30

Stevens Suspension Bridge east to the Cornell fields and across upper Freese Road to the Varna Cliffs

Official head count: 24H, one D

More photos:

Jack V



Sunday July 1

Woodard Road east on the CCC Trail and the FLT into upper Treman SP

It was in the mid-80s by hike time but it was bearable under the trees.  The group knocked off a half hour early.

Official head count:  13H, three D

More photos:

Jack V

While the hikers were shaping up on Woodard Road, a neighbor couple who live just up the road came by with their two dogs.  One was a small dog who is paralyzed in the hind legs and who travels in a baby stroller  —  the couple said they’re caring for the dog until they can find someone to adopt it permanently  —  very sweet


I need to amend my comments about the Saturday Mexican party  —  I said only a few of the 45+ hikers went swimming  —  I spoke too soon  —  after Tiger and I went home, quite a number of people went in to the pond ….  so the swimming was officially a success as well as the food