Report to Hikers: week of May 16-May 22


Hello Hikers!


Wednesday May 18

Yellow Barn SF, Dryden

Aviary Photo_131082239760919109Aviary Photo_131080787703594152Aviary Photo_131080787380241522Tadpoles hatching!

Aviary Photo_131080790301451854Aviary Photo_131080786046954860Aviary Photo_131081179340509464Official head count:  15H, one D

More photos online by Jack V here


Saturday May 21

Woodard Road south into Upper Treman SP, Enfield

Aviary Photo_131083795430044290Rain nearby …. approaching  ….  wonderful mild and gloomy atmospherics!

Aviary Photo_131083796112028761Aviary Photo_131083796610986045We wanted to cross Fishkill Creek so we could walk on several quiet country roads just beyond  —  water level very high, and we had to bushwhack quite a distance upstream to find a shallow enough crossing point

Aviary Photo_131083800073255688Aviary Photo_131083798404104936Aviary Photo_131083797886455706Aviary Photo_131083791416675304Aviary Photo_131083789755721133Van Ostrand Road at Thomas Road, a country setting just south of the park boundary

Aviary Photo_131083787746592801Lucifer Falls lookout

Official head count:  22H, threeD

Check out Jack V’s photos here.


Sunday May 22

Six Mile Creek from Juniper Drive to the upper reservoir

Aviary Photo_131084148953684038Aviary Photo_131084149809965696More great atmospherics ….  raining very lightly off and on

Aviary Photo_131084150855786322The walk down the stream bed was extremely slippery, worse than we’ve ever seen it  —  one hiker fell and just caught himself on his fingers before he smashed his knee really badly

Aviary Photo_131084151469133493Fallen trees across the stream bed also a big problem  —  more than we’ve ever seen  —  very slow going

R0097390We brought a rope to help with the big uphill climb  —  it actually did help a bit

Aviary Photo_131084154501580789R0097403R0097420Official head count:  28H, three D

Check out Jack V’s photos here


Report to Hikers: week of May 9-May 15


Hello Hikers!


Wednesday May 11

Road walk NW of Perry City

Perry City road walk 001Bower Road at Burr Road, Schuyler County  —  farm country!

Perry City road walk 129Absolutely perfect May morning  —  one hiker who knows birds said the fields and meadows were full of bobolinks

Perry City road walk 076The stretch of Bower we walked on had just been wetted down by a highway truck  —  delightful touch of freshness  —  otherwise, dusty!

Perry City road walk 028One micro-burst of excitement, while we were waiting to start  —  huge milk tanker truck passed in a cloud of dust  —  otherwise, no traffic at all

Perry City road walk 123This hike was conceived by our nature photographer Jack V, who lives a few miles away from this corner on Grove Road.  Best road walk we’ve done so far, IMO

Perry City road walk 054Official head count:  18 hikers, three dogs

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Jack V



Saturday May 14

Stevens Suspension Bridge, Cornell golf course, Cornell horse barns and Park Park

R0096564_editedAnother gorgeous green morning

R0096590_editedR0096602_editedR0096618_editedR0096636_editedR0096667_editedR0096673_editedR0096692_editedOfficial head count:  16H, five D

More photos online by Jack V here



Sunday May 15

Hammond Hill SF, Dryden

Aviary Photo_131078636247306910Lovely dark cool morning, a little breezy  —   even a few flakes of snow!

Aviary Photo_131078635208717009Aviary Photo_131078634411794445Aviary Photo_131078621269586934Aviary Photo_131078633680328076Aviary Photo_131078631553935897Official head count:  22H, fiveD (not everyone shown here)

Check out Jack V’s photos online here


Report to Hikers: week of May 2-May 8


Hello Hikers!


Wednesday May 4

Michigan Hollow Road to Bald Hill Road on the FLT, with a stop at Chestnut Lean-to, Danby SF

Chestnut Lean-to, Danby SF 043Chestnut Lean-to, Danby SF 011Chestnut Lean-to, Danby SF 065-001Chestnut Lean-to, Danby SF 072Chestnut Lean-to, Danby SF 088Chestnut Lean-to, Danby SF 100Chestnut Lean-to, Danby SF 121Chestnut Lean-to, Danby SF 126Official head count:  18 hikers + Yoda

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Jack V


Saturday May 7

Six Mile Creek, Mulholland Wildflower Preserve to Potter’s Falls

6 Mile Creek wildflower walk 0116 Mile Creek wildflower walk 0136 Mile Creek wildflower walk 0616 Mile Creek wildflower walk 0736 Mile Creek wildflower walk 0856 Mile Creek wildflower walk 0926 Mile Creek wildflower walk 1216 Mile Creek wildflower walk 1276 Mile Creek wildflower walk 165Official head count:  34 hikers, five dogs

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Jack V


Sunday May 8

Monkey Run Natural Area, north side of Fall Creek, Hanshaw Road

Monkey Run north side 072Monkey Run north side 125Monkey Run north side 182Monkey Run north side 216Monkey Run north side 230Monkey Run north side 243Monkey Run north side 247Monkey Run north side 270Official head count:  28 hikers, five dogs

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Report to Hikers: week of April 25-May 1

Hello Hikers!


Wednesday April 27

Smiley Hill Road and Hill Road, Danby SF — road walk
Hill Road, Danby SF - road walk 028

Fourth hike of the week abruptly cancelled: An epidemic of plantar fasciitis!


Regular hikers exhausted: “I need a day to rest between hikes!”


Wednesday hikes will now alternate road and woods walks


Second largest midweek head count of the last 12 months: 24 hikers (plus Yoda)


Schools off all week: Vacationing teachers take to the woods


First walk on dirt road running through Danby SF: Easy going, beautiful scenery
Hill Road, Danby SF - road walk 083**

Hill Road, Danby SF - road walk 093**

Hill Road, Danby SF - road walk 108**

Hill Road, Danby SF - road walk 115More photos online:





Saturday April 30

Rim trail, Shindagin Hollow SF gorge

Shindagin rim trail 014Lots of red trilliums — but where were all the white ones?


Bad advice on peak display from native plants expert


Hikers forced to make do with trout lilies and marsh marigolds


Clever young hiker catches a crayfish


Official head count: 23 hikers, six dogs

Shindagin rim trail 125**

Shindagin rim trail 150**

Shindagin rim trail 194**

Shindagin rim trail 218**

More photos online:


Jack V


Sunday May 1

Lindsay Parsons Biodiversity Preserve, West Danby

Lindsay Parsons Preserve 035“Don’t let some little rainstorm scare you off from hiking”


Intermittent light rain, chilly breeze, gloom create great atmospherics


Fields and woods finally turning green — wet conditions bring out vibrant colors


Lowest Sunday head count in well over a year — first time below 20 since Sept


Only hard core show up: 13 hikers and two dogs

Lindsay Parsons Preserve 038**

Lindsay Parsons Preserve 049**

Lindsay Parsons Preserve 056**

Lindsay Parsons Preserve 068**

Lindsay Parsons Preserve 093**

Lindsay Parsons Preserve 108**

Lindsay Parsons Preserve 114**

Special report: Trip to The Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania

This report is by regular hiker Mary, who organized and coordinated a float trip on Monday:


On Monday, April 25th a group of eight Ithaca Hikers traveled 93 miles SW to Pine Creek Outfitters in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania to float (paddle) the creek.

Pine Creek Float 03_resizePine Creek gorge, often referred to as The Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania, is part of the Pennsylvania Scenic Waters system and designated a National Natural Landmark. However, the creek is typically only floatable March through May. Water levels on the creek fluctuate and paddlers have to be flexible about what they expect of their Pine Creek float experience.

This year, unlike last year, we were unable to float the canyon area. Instead, we were shuttled to the Upper Pine Creek area where we experienced class I and II rapids. We put-in at Galeton and floated to Ansonia. It was a beautiful day, 70 degrees and sunny. Though it wasn’t as dramatic as last year’s canyon float, we still enjoyed being on the water.


0425161158a~2As happenstance would have it, a group from Trumansburg (organized by a woman named Mary G.) floated at the same time we did. The PCO staff explained that they were initially confused as to whether they had only one group, organized by Mary, or two–silly because we did give our last names.


PCO guide Shannon on Paddle Board 2016Two groups meant more paddlers, so we used several types of crafts: kayaks, canoes, and a two-person rubber canoe and two of the guides used paddle boards. The variety of crafts on moving water created some real fun moments.

0425161220Very soon after we got going, an Osprey flew overhead; it had a small fish in its talons! I wasn’t quick enough to get a picture of it. We also saw many ducks, a few geese, kingfisher and other small birds.

Pine Creek Float 16_resizeWe stopped about halfway and had a very rustic lunch along the creek bank. Then got back into our boats and finished up about 3:30 p.m. We traveled about 3.5-4 hours on the water, much shorter than last year.
We (six of the eight Ithaca Hikers) stopped at the Wellsboro Country Club for dinner before heading back to town (a recommendation and reservation made by PCO staff). Little did we know that they offered only an abbreviated menu because their season hadn’t yet started. Our group however, sat on the large porch in chilly dining chairs that rocked gently, and ate our mediocre food, served with good drinks, by a cheerful and talkative waitstaff. We floated above any tug to complain about things that were less than what we hoped for, and rode small waves of time well spent–back home.