Report to Hikers: week of Aug 6-Aug 12


Hello Hikers!


All photos in this report are by Tiger



Wed Aug 8

Potato Hill SF, Caroline

It was supposed to rain but not until early afternoon  —  the meet-up site was very atmospheric  —  foggy, misty and very humid

It began to get ominously dark…..

Started to feel a few drops.



After about 15 minutes in , it started to pour. Very few people had a rain coat. Some people headed back to the cars, but the rest of us kept going. We turned around 15 minutes early because the trail got too slippery. The rain kept up heavily the whole time.

I took these last 2 shots under the shelter of my car’s hatchback.

Even though the rain continued several hikers kept walking to make the full 2 hours.

The rain finally stopped on the way home.

Official head count:  15H, 2D

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Sat August 11

Jim Schug Trail, Dryden

This wasn’t supposed to be a rainy day  —  then they changed the forecast a couple of hours before hike time, and it ended up raining on the drive out and back home, and for a lot of the walk itself.

No one wanted to walk through the big field or climb the slippery hill that we were scheduled to do, so we walked up the Jim Schug Trail.

It was extremely lovely in the wet conditions, misty and colorful

On the final stretch of the walk the rain was really coming down.  I was soaked all the way to my underwear.

We decided to put off the stop at Hopshire for another day;  we figured they probably wouldn’t have the heat on there and we’d get chilled sitting around in soaked clothes.

I realize not everyone is into walking in heavy rain, but it really was extremely nice.

Official head count:  11H, 5D



Sun August 12

Connecticut Hill Wildlife Management Area  —  with Dave B

Official head count:   30H, 6D

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Jack V