Report to Hikers: week of Aug 13-Aug 19


Hello Hikers!


All photos in this hike report are by Tiger



Wed Aug 15

Bike trails, Shindagin Hollow SF  —  before the mountain bikers are out

Official head count:  17H, three D

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Sat Aug 18

Hammond Hill SF, ski trails

For the second Saturday in a row, it began to rain shortly before hike time when it wasn’t supposed to  —  we drove out to the trail head through a brisk sprinkle

We’ve learned not to expect much of a turnout on a rainy morning  —  but there’s a small but very faithful group that actually likes to walk in the rain

It wasn’t raining as hard as it did last Saturday and the trees provided some shelter, so it was actually quite pleasant

The scenery in the dim lighting looked exceptionally nice

After a while the rain stopped and a lovely pale light emerged

The week before we cancelled our visit to Hopshire because we were all soaked  —  this time we stayed dry

Great fun at the brewery, laughing infectiously and wolfing salted snacks

Official head count:  NineH, two D




Sunday Aug 19

Taughannock Falls SP  —  gorge trail and rim trail

Official head count:  21H, six D

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Jack V