Report to Hikers: week of Aug 27-Sept 2

Hello Hikers!



Wed Aug 29

Stevens Suspension Bridge to Beebe Lake, Forest Home

Tiger forgot to bring her camera, so we don’t have any official photos for this hike.  You can see Jack V’s nature shots here, plus several shots of the hikers.

It was on the borderline of being too  hot to walk  —  bearable only because the terrain was pretty flat and there was a good bit of shade  —  and we stopped at the Cornell Dairy Bar midway through the hike for ice cream.

Official head count:  18H, threeD




Sat Sept 1

Finger Lakes National Forest  —  Potomac Road trails

We had to abandon our original planned route after a few minutes when we abruptly came to a very large hornets’ nest dangling just about head height in the center of the walking path and swarming with bees  —  no way to circumvent it  —  Jack V had scouted the trail two days before and he said the nest wasn’t there then.

Photo by Jack

Our new route brought us to a long stretch of plank boardwalk  —  a number of the planks were missing and some had holes in them where you could easily break an ankle  —  made for some tense moments  —  but it was fun, in a way

Official head count:  20H, five D

More photos:

Jack V




Sunday Sept 2

Woods road walk  —  Curtis Road, Danby SF

Official head count:  30H, four D

More photos:

Jack V