Report to Hikers: week of Sept 3-Sept 9


Hello Hikers!


Wed Sept 5

Woods road walk  —  Bald Hill Road, Danby SF

We set our start time for a half-hour early in an attempt to beat the heat  —  didn’t work, it was 78 and very humid at 9 and 85 and even more humid by 11  —  in theory a woods road is a great walk for a hot day, except it was really pretty stifling this time  —  very pretty scenery, though

Official head count:  13H, three D



Sat Sept 8

Connecticut Hill Wildlife Management Area  —  Hike #9  —  Boylan-Hulford  —  with Dave B

Great walk into a new part of Connecticut Hill for us  —  it required a little carpool ride for a few minutes after we met up because there was limited parking at the actual trail head  —  first time our group ever did a shuffle like this  —  piece of cake

The scenery in the new area was generally first-rate  —  the walk included a stretch on the Finger Lakes Trail, and I was interested to notice that the scenery here was quite dull, scrubby and ordinary compared to the other parts of the hike  —  the FLT is basically the only marked trail in the entire wildlife management area, so it’s the only view you can get of this big area unless you’re with someone who knows the unmarked trails, like we were

Dave B managed to stage and pace the hike so we finished in almost exactly two hours.  We also had our freelance hike leader Dave G with us  —  he’s one of a very small number of people who know the unmarked trails here  —  he brought up the rear and made sure no one got left behind

Official head count:  16H, seven D




Sunday Sept 9

Lindsay Parsons Biodiversity Preserve, West Danby

Official head count:  30H, seven D

More photos:

Jack V

Our official hike photographer Tiger generally doesn’t take close-up photos of the hikers, but she did get a close-up this time that I thought has a very nice feeling to it: