Report to Hikers: week of Oct 15-Oct 21


Hello Hikers!



Wed Oct 17

Willseyville Creek, Caroline

This trail has been extensively changed since the beginning of the year  —  it’s now an extremely nice hike  —  great improvement

There’s a big pond at the end of the hike that we always visit  —  it was extensively flooded this time, several feet above the normal level  —  much higher and it would have flooded Ridgeway Road.

Official head count:  14H, two D

More photos:

Jack V



Sat Oct 20

Connecticut Hill WMA  —  Four-mile loop  —  with Dave G

I thought the forecast looked OK this time, but then it started to rain very hard a few minutes after we got to the meet-up  —  I was ready to cancel the hike on the spot and go home if it kept up for long, but the intensity lessened after a little while and we set off, just a little behind schedule, in wet but tolerable conditions.

One thing about getting rain on a hike  —  after it stops, it’s often spectacularly nice  —  that was the case this time

The sun came out near the end

We did this hike with Dave G for the first time last April and I thought it was great then  —  this time I found it even better  —  what a beautiful morning!

Official head count:  20H, six D




Sun Oct 21

Bald Hill Road to Thatcher’s Pinnacles, Danby SF

Looking out the kitchen window before we left for the hike, it seemed pretty awful out, grim and depressing.  It was discouragingly cold and windy at the meet-up too (check out the hikers’ expressions)

But once we got going people warmed up and the trees blocked most of the wind, and the scenery was really beautiful

There was slush on the roads in some parts of the county, but this snow-coated table top at the look-out was the only snow we saw

Not everyone’s shown in the line-up shot here  —  there were more hikers walking down along Bald Hill Road

This is the look-out on the return leg  —  nice views even though the leaves are all still up

It turned out to be a great hike

Official head count:  14H, eight D