Report to Hikers: week of Oct 22-Oct 28


Hello Hikers!


Wed Oct 24

South Danby Road west to Curtis Road and beyond on the FLT, Danby SF

Another rainy morning, though it wasn’t raining hard

Aside from the six people in the photo here, there were three more hikers right nearby in phone touch  —  but somehow we failed to connect with them  —  then they went home early because they ran into heavy mud and they didn’t want their dogs to get totally mud-covered

The fall weather has produced a lot of mushrooms this year  —  these are chicken of the woods

Official head count:  10H, six D



Sat Oct 27

Rained out




Sun Oct 28

Michigan Hollow Road to Hill Road on the Abbott Loop, Danby SF

Raining lightly for the first half of the hike  —  by now everyone has gotten accustomed to wet hikes and we all just ignored it

We started with a bit of drama  —  this ditch has become extremely hard to navigate and it took a while to get everyone safely across  —  it’s much trickier than it may look  —  in the past, one of our hikers took a very nasty fall here

The scenery is generally much better than average on this walk  —  the downside is that  the outbound leg up to Hill Road is really quite strenuous

The rain stopped half way through  —  great atmospherics!

Crossing the ditch isn’t as hard in the reverse direction, but it still provided a little excitement for everyone

Official head count:  16H, five D